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Newton Barrois

Hey Captain Paul. I remembered your saying Garmin was one of the better GPS units, so I went out and got one. It's an e-tech 20, with those little sd cards. DO you deal in the micro SD stuff ? If so, can I get detailed maps for just southeast Louisiana ? I called Garmin, but they want over $100 and want to give me the entire southern U.S.. I don't need all that. Lake Pontchatrain, Louisiana Marsh, Hopedale/Shell Beach is about all I need. Just for fishing. Not sure how much memory maps like that would take(or how to load it up) but this thing has a 4GB SD card. I think that should hold what I'm looking for.

I'm Drop me a line if you get a chance
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Newton Barrios ~

Newton, unfortunately you can ONLY load approved Garmin Maps into the eTrex 20. The Garmin TOPO U.S. 24K Southeast DVD
At $ 129.99 USD from Garmin is the program that I would recommend for your areas.

I donít stock or sell any such data cards or mapping software that can be installed in your unit. My CAPTAIN PAULíS FISHING EDGE of GPS Waypoints, are data files that allow you to install the waypoints in the internal memory of the unit.

The Garmin TOPE U.S. 24k Program is loaded into your computer then transferred to a Micro SD card which is placed in the GPS unit.

You select what areas you want to install in the GPS by viewing the TOPO program, Marking it in your computer then writing it to the Micro SD card. You should first download the FREE Garmin program called BASE CAMP. Once installed, the Base Camp will allow you to view the Topo maps. This will allow you to view the maps on the DVD and in addition, allow you to transfer data such as waypoints, Tracks and routes to and from the GPS unit.

You should be able to get most of Southern Mississippi and southeast Louisiana on a 4 GB Micro SD card. Smaller cards would also do, but you may ďrun off the MapsĒ in the unit if you donít use the proper size card.

~ Captain Paul ~