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Gun Re-bluing

Lil help please. I just bought a Remington 308 Hangmaster from someone and was wanting to get it re-blued. Do any of you have any info on where I can get this done in the BR/Gonzales area? Called Hebert Guns and their price seemed kinda high.
I think you can order the stuff online or cabelas may carry it also . Ive known a few people that have done it themselves and the guns looked really good .
Pic - yeah but is it 'idiot proof'??? I have the mechanical ability of a blind yak! I mean it's bad too, I have to pay someone to change the oil in my truck...
Shut up! Don't judge! lol
Thats funny stuff ! Lol

The only thing I will not attempt to work on is electricity ! I've tried twice and both times exposed my full skeleton . Lol

The guys that I know that reblued their guns were nowhere near professionals and their guns looked nice . I've never personally done this , but just read up on it , you never know . If my buddy's can do it I feel pretty confident you can handle the job .
you can buy it at bass pro also, but if you want it camo, there is places out there that does nice jobs for about $200. Here is one of them that i contacted.

www.hydrographicsunlimited .com