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Chart card for Garmin 185 for New Orleans and Gulf Coast

I have an old Garmin 185 GPS. The chart card I have is for the Notheast (New Jersey area). Is there any chance of getting a card for the New Orleans Gulf Coast area? Thanks, Allen
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Wiltz1234 ~

The Garmin GPSMAP® 185 Sounder, as you probably know , is now considered a “Discontinued” model by GARMIN. But, it is nevertheless a decent GPS unit.

The specifications for the unit indicate that it uses a Garmin micro G-chart cartridge. Garmin discontinued manufacturing the “G” Charts in November 2004. They do however have a help section on their web site at

The site recommends that you search the internet or a dealer for the micro G Chart that you need. All G charts that you may find will NOT be later than 2003 or 2004 issue.

Checking the site farther, I fond a sub page for the individual maps of areas in the Gulf of Mexico. Check it out @

The respective product for the charts are indicated as:

GUS569SL Baton Rouge - Mobile, AUG 2000 Marsh Island east to Mobile Bay including Atchafalaya River, New Orleans, Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain, Chickasaw Creek, and Tensaw River $299.00

GUS571SM Mobile - SW Pass, AUG 2000 Mobile Bay west to SW Pass including Brenton Sound, Bay St. Louis, and Biloxi $199.00

GUS913GL Brownsville - Mobile, AUG 2000 Cruising chart from Brownsville, TX to Mobile, AL $299.00

I suggest that you search for the Browsville~ Mobile Chart, GUS913GL as it should give you all of the Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama coastal waters.

Be SURE that you get the proper size card as it comes as a Micro and Standard size chart. It should match the chart card in size that you have of the New Jersey area.

Doing a cursorily search, I found several locations that sell the charts on the internet by searching for the words “G Charts and GUS913G in a search engine.

Be sure that you get the order correct, as such products are not returnable items.

I know the GPS Map is working, but judging by the cost of these old maps, you may want to consider upgrading to a more modern GPS unit that can accommodate newer up to data mapping software.

~ Captain Paul ~