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hunting is supposed to be for enjoyment

unfortunately, a lot of bashing and arguing going on here...... there is enough game and hunting for all of us. we are supposed to be enjoying our hunting. let's get out and have some fun.
   e-man (R)
Been a member of this site since the start and we have always had those that get their enjoyment in bashing others. It has definitely gotten worse in the last few years .
Another site i am on .(cooking site) Has ZERO tolerance for bashing or drama of any type. One warning and then you are gone.
It is easy to do if you want too.
Set up a mod for each section or two sections.
Anyone bashing or making negative comments gets a P.M. from that mod the first time . the second time that person is banned for 30 days. third strike you are gone for good.
When we started we we're worried about how it would affect membership in the forum.
Now we have the largest smoking meat forums on line. (Gaining over 1000 new members a month) And have ZERO drama of any type.
We get comments every day about how nice it is to be able to ask questions and post comments w/o being bashed or labeled as stupid for not knowing something.
It can be done if the site owners want it to be done.
I totally agree with your post. Some people are getting out of hand on every post. They bash people on spelling, grammer and other stupid things. If all some people can write is negative and stupid comments they should stay off this forum. Get serious guys.
...E-Man Bob goes back a long ways and he's right...I wish I could keep his cool...(but never mess w/him he'll get mad and jump all over'ya azz)'s just that we so diversified some advertisers may want to go where the 'attention' is rather than if it's good or some cases there been demographics taken from advertisers rather than readers...(it keeps 'da wheel turning both ways) !!!...the chances are it will be 50-50 between John Wayne w/a BB gun and Little Bo Peep w/a 30-30 ???...cheers
I think it's mainly the younger more inexperienced hunters and fishermen that get bent out of shape about other people posting where there may be lots of ducks or where the bass are biting . The older more experienced hunters will still kill their ducks and still catch bass .

There is ONE or two that are just plain silly , picking on others questions or spelling .

But as a whole , lots of folks seem to be very offensive here lately . Maybe it was the election that has everyone on edge ?