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boat painting

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PAINT an aluinum boat i would like to have a bedliner inside and paint outside what process to use i painted it years ago and it pelled?????????????
'Rembrandt Boat'
Mike,I was told a rubberized holds best on flexing alum. whereas a hard shell will crack...(don't forget the base coat)...check'n w/a older geezer at a marine paint store might be the best...cheers
Peeling is usually caused by not sanding the surface properly before painting it. The surface has to be 'scratched' for the paint to stick. Paint wont stick to a smooth surface. Peeling also happens when painting a surface that hasn't been cleaned.
The first thing you'll need to do is try to sand off the previous paint job you did. If you have a pressure washer, start with that. Start pressure washing all the areas that are peeling with a fine jet stream. You'll probably be able to knock a lot of the paint off without much work. Then Use a DA sander and some 80 grit on whatever paint is left. After you're done getting as much of the old paint off as possible, Just do a quick pass on the entire surface with 180-220 grit to smooth out the deep scratches the 80 grit left. Then give the entire surface a good washing with dish washing liquid. This will remove the dirt, and any grease or oil. Once it's dry, check to make sure you have no shiny/smooth spots. If you do, sand them. Then you're ready to spray a primer coat, and then your color.
As for the bed liner, DA sand the hell out of all the surfaces you plan to spray the liner on with some 120 grit. You'll need to hand sand in the small cracks and corners that the DA can't get. Any surface that isn't scuffed will peel/chip ESPECIALLY with bed liner. Then wash it really good with some dish washing liquid and you're good to go. Just make sure you let it dry COMPLETELY. Don't waste your money on the spray can liner. For surfaces like boats that will be walked on and have things knocking around, the spray can liner won't last long. Get the kind you 'roll' on. The roll on liner is much thicker and more durable.
Sorry if I went into more detail than you were looking for lol
peeling is from the surface not preped right. it would be best to have it sandblasted. it would give the surface a profile for the coating to stick to. it would remove all the old paint on the boat that when you paint over the solvents will losen the paint and start peeling. haveing it blasted would be well woth it the paint will last along time this way. any other ? you have just ask ill be willing to give you advise. i do this for a living so i should be able to help a good bit