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Ryan Retif

Captain Paul,

I have been following and waiting for the Captain Paul GPS waypoints for the Venice area. I saw that you said you may have them complete by the end of the summer but I do not see them on the website. Are they finished, if not, do you have a date of when you think they will be complete? Thanks so much. My reply email is Thanks again for all the work you do in the Louisiana area.

Captain Paul's EDGE for Venice
Sorry for the delay, I had ~ have some health issues and have been unable to get out and verify my waypoints.

I hope to get the necessary files together and possibly have some if my friends verify the locations, but I don't see that happening before warmer spring weather.

In the meantime if you need a specific location, give me a name or description of the area and I will try to get or plot the coordinates for the area.

Captain Paul