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WBR = China... apparently

The West Baton Rouge sheriff's office had a traffic stop setup this morning on LA 1. LA 1 is probably the most traveled highway in West Baton Rouge Parrish. In the infinite wisdom of the sheriff's office, they were holding the light on LA1 between Port Allen and Brusly from 7-8am this morning(maybe longer for that time for certain). While you sat their in the traffic backup, they were walking up and down the traffic, making you roll you window down, and giving out a travel study survey.

People are going to work, conducting business, and getting children to school during this time. How can it be legal for the sheriff's office to form a road block to make you take a survey. I feel like I live in China. This really bothers me, but what I FEAR is what comes next?? Abuse of power and infringement on the citizens always escalates.
I don't think that passes constitutional muster, but I'm not a criminal attorney. It is none of their business where you are travelling.
I thought this was really ironic this morning!
Let's hold up traffic to ask you about your opinion on the traffic problem. Really????
I don't believe driving is a right, it is a privilege granted. Now if they stopped you for walking, then it may be a problem. LOL.
Right v privilege
Ahhhh, the old right vs. privilege discussion. This is the one where because something is a privilege, all personal rights are thrown out the window. Liberals love this line of thinking.
GI, I was typing the same thing.

Even beyond our rights, it's completely ignorant for any enforcement agency to create a traffic problem over something as stupid as a survey. In this day and time, why not use Facebook, Mail, or put it on the ballot of the election that was LAST FREAKING WEEK!!!

Protect and SERVE. Who was served by doing this?? I guess they interpret the serve part as 'SELF SERVE'

I really hope people that don't understand this don't vote.
Traffic Survey
These cops are looking for something someone is doing wrong all under the guise of a 'traffic survey'. Roll down your window so we can have a peek, Sir.
Toll road
There is a proposal to build a toll road in the area, and that is what the survey is about. A notice was placed in The Advocate recently stating that the surveys would be handed out in this manner. No infringement on rights, no hidden agenda, but I do agree not the best way to do it.
More waste and poor execution
Where does the parish government get the power to infringe on my daily, law abiding business, to conduct a survey? Blocking traffic on the highway is no different than detaining you walking down the street. I can't go where i'm trying to go, and have not broken any law.

I just found the article on the advocate saying they are spending $460,000 to perform this study. WTF??? $460,000 of tax dollars to perform a study. $460,000 would go a long way in WBR school districts or just repairing the garbage roads that are already there.

I just don't understand who thinks these are good ideas.
get use to it!!!
just like in foreign countries, u can just be walking and all of a sudden, someone stops you and says, LET ME SEE YOUR PAPERS, thats coming too, they're just praticing for the near future in obummer land!!! believe it or not??? better wake up and soon, oops, to late, he's in power again, so sad!!!!!!
you mean samarai
All i have to say is i DID not post on this meant Samarai :P
well, what do you think anyway, if u don't mind???
seen it before
I don't live in the area so it's been quite a while since i went down that portion of LA1. But i have seen this take place before, and trust me its not really a *traffic survey*. As for my feelings on it, well i would have to honestly say it's rather annoying and stupid. Although when you look at it from the point of view of the police it makes sense. Its the perfect time to do a random non-avaisive search of the motorist. This is because its one of the few times when people see traffic backed up and don't get instantly suspicious. Still doesn't help the way us law abiding citizens feel because it still screws up our day, but what can ya do? *shrug*
What can I do...
What can I do... well.... I have always donated from personal finances and from our corporate finances to both the Sheriff and Parish President reelection campaigns. That is over, and I will donate to anyone that runs against them from this point forward. I'll do whatever I can to replace someone that obviously thinks these are good ideas.

We've got enough problems headed our way from Washington. It'd be nice to have some common sense, non-intrusive government officials locally.

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