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Burt Carnahan

Captain Paul: I understand that you have had some health issues, and hope you are doing well.

I spoke (via internet) with you about a year ago regarding problems I had with my Garmin GPSmap62st.

I am still not able to use the Garmin--maybe I'm to old for that. Are you able to provide "one to one" tutorship at your home as I recollect that you did before your health problems. If so, I would like to spend an hour, perhaps 2, so that I can finally figure out how to use the Garmin.


Burt Carnahan
The Garmin GPSMASP 62st is a Great unit
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Burt Carnahan ~

I am doing much better now, thanks for your concern. I remember discussing the GPSMAP 62st with you and could accommodate you on a one to one session on GPS and how to use your particular unit.

I will contact you and hopefully we can set up a time after the Thanksgiving holiday.

~ Captain Paul ~