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Giant Duckweed

Last winter we dug a pond by my house. It's about a half acre pond, maybe a little bigger. Everything was great until a few months ago. In a matter of what seemed like only 2-3 weeks the pond basically got taken over by 'giant duckweed'. We've sprayed twice with SONAR, which looked like it was working but then within a few weeks the duckweed just came back in full force. We've tried manually removing it, but it just comes right back. If it was just regular duckweed it wouldn't be a big deal, but this stuff is thick and looks terrible, not to mention makes fishing a pain in the ass.
This past weekend I went out to my cousins camp on 3 mile lake, and they are having the same problem with this stuff. She told me that (they) paid something like 12 grand to have someone come spray the stuff, and it died for a few weeks and came right back.
Have any of you ever dealt with this stuff before? Any advice on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated! I read that it only grows in 'still' water. Would having a recirculating pump spraying water on the surface get rid of this stuff?