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Thanksgiving hog & Laura's first deer

Last weekend was a success. I had a two does come up directly behind me on bayou cocodrie one morning at 8 yards, but I was unable to get drawn in time for a shot as they skipped through. The next morning my finacee went hunting at a lease hunting in the stand with her maid of honor who was having her birthday party that weekend. Laura missed a doe on a long over 100 yard shot on her first ever shot at an animal with the rifle. Then a few hours later at 11:30 AM I had 8 deer, a 4 point, spike, 5 does and yearling come through while at red river but was unable to capitalize with 16 eyes watching me. Later that day I stalked close to a 200lb boar but wasn't given a shot opportunity. It wasn't looking good and I was frustrated, but Sunday it came together. She was able to get her first deer with my .270 dropping her instantly with a heart shot on the lease hunting with Jan again. Minutes after getting her text I had 3 medium size hogs come through giving me a perfect 20 yard shot. Twack, the spotted boar only ran 15 yards and died within minutes with my new striker magnum 1.5' diameter broad heads clipping the heart and smashing the lungs with an easy passthrough. It was my first ever spotted hog and I'm keeping the pelt. Not wanting to drag it out and mess up the hide, I decided to jog the piggy out the 1.6 miles. What a fun way to end the weekend. She was able to see over 7 deer each hunt while on the lease and even got to see a big doe get on her hind legs and fight off a spike. Still she said she rathers the long walks and rush of just hearing something walk by on public land to getting dropped off by a vehicle in a box then watching deer feed next to her dead deer for the entire hunt, but it was good practice for future hunts on public land where its hard enough just to see a deer much less kill one. Her pics were taking back at the their camp. For Thanksgiving i'm cooking the hog whole instead of a turkey!
cooked hog
Here is the hog ready for the oven stuffed with sweet taders, apples, carrots, vidaila & green onions, & seasoning rubs in a turkey bag. Same size but way better than any store bought turkey!

Now red river bound for a thanksgiving day bow kill.
congraats to both of you, i kileed a hog that looked like yours twin the other day and my wife wanted to keep its pelt.
live from red river
Live from red river, recurve hog struck, had over a dozen hogs come through my thicket fighting and squeling. They were headed right toward me but wind was wrong and they started vearing, was able to video my 23yd shot on a big hog, heard it rolling around 80yds away after the shot but it was slightly quartering to me. I think I hit the front side vitals but i did see guts on the ground and no arrow, I think it penetrated both sides. I hope, letting the hog sit then going track with shotgun with t shot tungsten after a several hour sit. It was my first ever shot with my recurve on an animal, what a rush.

Hunting dad, thanks, I've been trying to get a spotted hog for years, I lost one each of the last two seasons. Bayou cocodrie has a good bit of spotted ones.
Congrats on your pig and your fiancées Deer !

Good luck on finding your hog too ! One day I'll graduate to a recurve . Always wanted one to hunt with but never seem find time to hunt in the first place . Lol

My son and me will make our first deer hunt of the year tommorow and it's looking pretty good . Hopefully we'll be able to post a report .
found her
Well it finally came together like never before. I was filming the track with my head cam and when I got to my hog which was wayyyy bigger than I thought I saw 3 hogs moving thru. I sprinted after them closing the distance to 20yds and smoked a nice 125lb bore dropping him instantly with one shot of tungsten. Then I had the task of dragging this 225lb sow and bore out the woods. What a day, first recurve kill is a giant hog! I'll post all the videos and pics next week after the weekend of hunting. My brother and I died laughing at the video at the camp last night.