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Lowrance Elite 4

Capt Paul,
I was very interested in your Edge File for Cocodrie/Dularge area, but was wondering if you knew if the Lowrance Elite 4 fishfinder/chartplotter would accept this. It does have a slot for the mini SD card that i can insert after i download it to a new card. I see alot of post referring to the Elite 5 but none for the 4. Also if i download this program (Edge) can i still use the Nautic Pro 2012 from Lowrance or does the Edge (SD card) have to stay in the unit.
Thanks Capt
Captain Paul's EDGE for a Elite 4 unit
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Greg ~

The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE of GPS WAYPOINT can be downloaded via a SPARE memory card by using the Lowrance FREE data transfer program they call GPS DATA MANAGER-6 (gdm-6) @ and using the MENU feature 'LOAD FROM CARD' feature. See page 22 of the Owners Manual.

According to Lowrance, “The GPS Data Manager V.6 (GDM6) allows you to upload and download GPS data from your unit to your computer. You can easily access and manipulate Waypoints, Routes, Trails and Icons. A great tool for planning a route, the GPS Data Manager V.6 allows you to build a collection of route information that you can download to your unit.”

The Captain Paul’s Edge file, a .usr file, is transferred to a spare data card, which is placed in your GPS unit and by means of the menu feature transfer the waypoints as data into the internal memory of your unit. This data card is then removed and your map card in placed in the proper card slot.
All of the EDGE waypoints will show up as overlays on whatever mapping program you have in the unit.

Contact me if you have any other concerns.
Captain Paul