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Post some of the best duck hunts you have ever been on!

Since the first split is over for most of Louisiana, let's lay back and relax and share some of the best duck hunting trips you have ever been on.

Saturday, November 17, 2012. Bluebird day. Windy. Shooting time: 5:57a.m. Shooting time that inconsiderate hunters shot that day: 5:45a.m. Daybreak came and the ducks were coming into the pond like crazy. This was at 5:40 a.m.
The ducks were situated, doing their thing, and then... BOOM!! BANG!! KAPOW!!! was what we heard about 300 yards from us. They all took off. We thought that they wouldn't come back, but, they did! Then after about 15 minutes, we had 8 on the water. Then after about 20 more minutes we had 10 on the water. Then, a flock of teal buzzed us and landed in the decoys and we got 3 of them. Then after about an hour, we had our limit once again!
Best Hunt of the 1st split
I don't upload my photos onto my computer very often so i don't have my best hunt ever. Here's a picture of some good trophies I got on one of the better hunts so far this year.
good one
thats a good one captain! you got me!
Sunrise to Sunset Hunt with Duck Commander
I have never had a bad hunt in my 33 years of hunting ducks. One of the most memorable would be a sunrise to sunset hunt with Phil Robertson and the Duck Commander crew. It was not only because of the awesome bag of ducks we killed, but the time when the ducks were not flying and the conversations with Phil and his sons and brothers. Phil likes to call it 'Riding The Hole'. That day spent with my dad, brother, and the Robertson Family was a pretty special hunt.
Great Post B-Boy
I thought this post would get a lot more responses. I was looking forward to reading everyone's favorite hunts to help pass the time during the split. Some hunts that rank up there with the best for me were my daughters first duck which put pressure on my wife and led to her buying a shotgun and killing her first duck a few weeks later. Lets hear about more hunts!
Memorable hunt
Not necessarily the best but certainly a memorable hunt: first day after the split in Texas a few years back. I wasn't able to hunt the morning, so around three or so I headed out to a little creek feeding in to Lake Whitney where I had seen some mallards earlier in the season. After putting out my dekes and getting settled, a single greenhead came from behind me and made one pass before committing. One shot and he's on the water. About fifteen minutes later I heard some quacking coming from the same area from where the greenhead had come: a group of probably a dozen or so appeared, made a couple passes and then acted as if they were moving on. I gave a series of quacks and a comeback call, and come back they did. AFter a couple more passes, they swung in front and I pulled up: the first shot I knocked down two (a drake and a hen) and I hit again with my next two shots. Four shots and I had my five mallards. That's 125% accuracy baby. To be fair, I had to fire twice at a cripple, but that's the most economical hunt I've ever made for sure.
Proud pop
Those boys have the best show on tv , the old guy with the glasses , I can't remember his name but he's a nut job . To be in a blind with them all day I would probably laugh all day long . I bet it was a memorable hunt for you .

One of the reasons I think not many people have commented on this thread is because after all this is Louisiana and most here are pleading the filfth . To say the best hunt they've ever had , on a public forum would be incriminating themselves .

I don't duck hunt much anymore but have had a few good hunts in my time .
Proud Pop
That looked like a memorable hunt with the Duck Commander for sure! One for the ages!

PS: I was hoping to see more posts myself? Maybe everyone's too busy?
2010-2011 Season. Wensday January 5

All my lease members were busy and could not go, so i invited my 2 little cousins. Before shooting time we had 6 or 7 pair of Mallards come into decoys, and i remember saying man after shoot time we wont see anything. Boy was i wrong. We shot 9 greenheads, 3 hen mallards, 2 pintail drakes, 2 greys, 2 green wing. This is the only hunt i have ever been on that we limited out on Mallards. After we killed our limit we watched mallards come in to the decoys for almost another hour. The funny thin is, that we normally kill mabye 10 or 15 mallards the whole year if that. It was a great day with good people. Something that i will always remeber. I lost my phone about a week later with the pictures. Just amazing and memorable.
memorable hunt
I took a friends grandkid out this year, youth hunt 2012. Mr. Devin M , age 12 , having never before fired a shotgun in his life, did get 3 gadwall ducks, by himself. His first three shots of his life put three grey ducks in the bag! One was 40 yds up, quartering away and hauling , a great shot at ANY age. I have been on many a guys' first hunts, both young and adult, and nobody has ever even come close to that , me included. His fourth shot was a miss and he promptly said 'can we go fishing now?'. Even though it was recent it was plenty memorable.