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Hey guys i have a couple questions which i think yall should probably be able to help me with. I have some riverfront property on the mississippi river near Laplace. there are many bar pits on the river side of the levee I was wondering if they should hold some ducks? if so what kind? and how should i go about trying to hunt them? and help would be appreciated
If I were you and had access to some property like that I would probably go out there real early in the am if its feasible and see if any ducks are actually coming into those pits. If you see them using a particular area I would try and set up on that spot because they probably will come right back there the next morning especially if they have never been hunted! Good Luck and let us know how it turns out!
Ducks in water holes next to river
I've seen ducks in these water holes in the woods between the levee and the river down in Plaquemines Parish. Dunno about LaPlace.
It will only be wood ducks i doubt any other birds will be there.
Has potential
I'm sure you know duck hunting is what you put into it,I'd plant it with millet or some other seed of your choice. It won't happen over night but in a year or two they'll start pilling in.
The birds are in the area,and they are always looking for food and a place to rest.
Good luck with the spot and if you need some help let me know.
A sack or two of corn should relieve any doubts about whether there are ducks in there.
nooks and crannies
hunt dem nooks and crannies.......
More than woodies
Your location near LaPlace is real interesting! There are ducks of all sorts that feed at the grain elevators on the river then leave periodically to find resting places out of the current, in particular blackbellied tree ducks. I would scout dawn but also dusk to see if birds are using it as a resting area. Then try to match what you see with decoys. Small water can yield good hunting so give it a shot.
Hey guys just a update on my attempt to hunt the bar pits we made a small blind in one of the bar pits, saturday morning we attempted to hunt it with little success. however during the process we saw large amounts of ducks flying along the river, we found a little cut out immediately adjacent to the river and sat there that evening with better success. there was lots of ducks of all types flying down the river coming too and from the grain elevators.

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