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Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops?

Where do you shop most, Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops? Or do you prefer local stores like Bowie Outfitters in BR, Shooters in Lafayette and Puglia's in Metry.

Me and my money prefer Cabela's cause they got a good variety of stuff - but I ain't got nothing against the other stores either.
Lawd Help Us
And if all the people shopping at Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops just today end up in the woods or marsh this weekend - Lawd Help Us!
I try to shop local as much as possible. Love to support the little guy. When I have to I only go to basspro. I find their customer service is head and shoulders above cabelas. My local favs are puglias chags Gus's and superior
To buy a gun, cabellas hands down.
BP gun salesmen are rejects and for the most part, gun stupid. Their attitude and people skills suck. Not enough of them either. Outside of guns, pretty much the same.
Why throw money away
I check price on anything I purchase and that is where I buy. Both of these stores are great for a visit with the grandkids on a windy cold week end or when they are off school. Some people never check price in BR we have two gas stations across from each other. One has gas at 2.99 and the other has it at 3.19 and some people purchase the higher one. PS Best time to shop the big boys is when they have a sale can't beat those prices.
Im with you on that CaptJS .. Cabelas and bass pros prices are so high , I hate going in them . Cabelas does have some sacalait jig heads that I can't live without , which are $6.00 for a 10 pack . They both have nice guns but would rather hunt with a billy club than pay what they want for their guns . I buy academy or local shops .
You know, it's interesting you bring this up...I just had my bow restrung and thought I would try to keep it local..went to Bowie and they charged me $140 to string a bow, not including the cable, just the string. Won't go back...
Yeah, I bought my Remington .870 at Academy cause it cost less. I like shopping local, but they don't have as big a variety of stuff as the big box stores. Two days ago I tried to buy some marsh blind grass at the Army Surplus Store on Williams Blvd and at Puglia's on Veterans: Army store doesn't carry it and Puglia's had exactly what I wanted on display, but were otherwise out of stock. The guys said they wouldn't be getting anymore grass till next year, and they didn't offer me the grass on display. I went to Academy in Gretna and got grass.

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