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Scam artists

These people aren't smart enough to put up an ad once. Nothing says dumba$$ like 25 ads with two four wheelers and a trailer for $2,200.

Has any thought ever been given to making new members wait a month until being able to sell anything? How about a small fee to sell? Might keep the b/s to a certainly does on other sites I am a member of. Charge everyone a few bucks - send em a cool la sportsman sticker, and make em wait....donate the money to D/U or another worthy outdoor cause...I would be happy to pay it....

Remember guys and gals - no phone number on an ad means don't even waste your time...
I noticed the same thing...the 'URGENT' in the title along with now 38 posts all today indicate one of two things...1) SCAM or 2) Stolen

The saying 'Buyer Beware' applies. It may be interesting to respond to the ad at the email address given and see what their 'story'
report the scammers
I have sent multiple reports to the moderators to remove the scammers and also reported the scammers' emails to a friend of mine at the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit. Problem is that the scammers are generally located in another country. They just disconnect their emails, etc when they are reported and start up under another name. The ad you are referring to with the (2) four wheelers and trailer for $2200 was in the classifieds under another name a couple weeks ago. I reported him and he changed names. If it's too good, it's generally not true. Buyer Beware!!!
You mean I won't be getting my four wheelers???? Seriously it's gotten so bad I rarely look at the classified any more. I like the idea of making them wait at least a month before posting.
If you fell for that, too bad for you, but I know you are not that gullible. The last guy said he was in Illinois, his wife died of cancer and he lost an arm so he has to sell the bikes. He was going to ship the (2) 4 wheelers and trailer at no cost to me to try them. He just wanted me to send the money, 'IN GOOD FAITH' to him. After I was OK with the bikes, he would deposit the check. When I told him I was doing a background check on him with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit, he pulled his email address....