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Info on lowrance Elite 5 DSI operation

New to GPS/FISHFINDER operation. Bought Lowrance Elite 5 DSI but the included instructions leave a lot to be desired. Wonderd about vidio tutorial and micro hot spot maps for unit.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Value Bob ~

Yes I know that what keeps my giving by CAPTAIN PAULíS GPS, THE BASICS SEMINARS. The manufacturerís owners manual simply does not offer the detailed instructions that a novice GPS user needs in order to adequately operate the GPS unit.
I try to hold several such instruction seminars a year, but health problems have prohibited me from recently having or planning one this year. I plan to have one early next year. If you are interested, watch this site for a time and date on such seminars. They are usually held on a Saturday morning and run 4 to 5 hours into the early afternoon hours. I request that GPS users bring a spare power cable for their unit in order to power up the devices during the classroom exercises. For home use you can get the Lowrance AC~CAF unit that converts AC120 volt wall socket power to 12 volt DC with a female cigarette socket.

I donít believe that the HOT SPOTS offer the type of maps needed for fishing any of the coastal Louisiana marshes. I suggest that you first consider the Lowrance INSIGHT HD & PRO mapping. It is a combo map that used marine charts AND topographical maps to make up a very good rendition of the actual topographical features in the march areas.

Go to a stocking dealer and actually view the maps that are available for your unit. When doing so, pick out one of your fishing locations and zoom in on a particular location. This investigation will allow you to make an intelligent choice in mapping for your unit.

~ Captain Paul ~