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Speculizers are back

Several years after a family tragedy, I decided to bring the Speculizer back. Just before I brought them back some of the stores that were carrying it, a friend and I went to some of the marsh off of bayou Bienvenue, and after doing some bottom fishing at the locks, we went into some other areas and had a great day of Speculizing. It felt great to be out on the water again, but even better to see my Speculizer catching fish again. I love how if you miss a hookup, you pop it a couple of times and the come back and hit it.
Dude where in the heck have you been? Good to see you're alive and kicking my friend. Sorry about your family troubles. Do you know my pops still has the ORIGINAL SPECULIZER in the pack hanging on his wall. Its the one that you signed teh cork and wrote on the package 'I heard you needed some help' LOL! We need to get together and make a trip bro. I finally got my captains license!
Great to have you back Rob. Hope all is well. Keep on Speculizing!
You wont believe this but I was just wondering to myself what was going on with you just the other day. Great new! Glad to hear a piece of the 'good ole days' is coming back! Looking forward to seeing the word speculizer used repeatedly on the forum again.
They still work! I found a few last week and tied them on. Kept up with live shrimp.
Welcome back Rob.
You have been missed.
I've actually never stopped using the Speculizer.
I've simply been retying them over the years.
I broke one out this time last year to honor my late father Ralph who you may remember fishing with.
It out produced anything fished that day down in Delacroix.
   e-man (R)
I seem to remember a lil Bungle contest between the speculizer and a sparkle beetle and a comal cork?
Welcome back capt.Redbone and RIP Capt. JLT.
Hey there buddy, Snapperhead here.

Sorry to hear about your family tragedies my man. Hope things are better for you now, and glad to see you up an fishing again.
On this end, we now own The Barataria Bait Tackle Shop on Barataria Blvd and would be glad to carry your famous Speckulizer here.
I remember when way back in the day when you were trying to get it started and you sent me some in Texas. That was very kind of you being we've never met in person , , , yet !!
So if you get a chance, come and check us out at 2633 Barataria Blvd. and we can put a face to the names.
Take care my friend,
Randy G