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Will Daigle

I own a HDS-5 Lowrance with the base map that it came with.I fish the gulf coast from Grand Isle to Atchafalaya river & inland around Lake Verret ,Belle River & the Atchafalaya Basin. What crip should I purchase Navonics,Nautia Insight or others? As you see I fish both the coast & inland.Are there any other chips from other Companies? Do any local people make a chip? I'm CONFUSED. What is your advice? Also,what is your Fishing Edge? Thank uou,any HELP would certainly be appreciated.
Mapping for a Lowrance HDS
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Will Daigle ~

One of our readers, VERMONT, ably describes the differences between some of the NAVIONIC charts that are available for your Lowrance HDS 5. I suggest that you personally compare these programs with Lowrance’s INSIGHT and make your choice.

Captain Paul