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Gun Repair Expert Needed

My gun (savage 110 bolt action 30-06) has a problem. When I tried to load it yesterday morning I could not get the bolt to close. Extracting a shell is tough once you tried to close the bolt with a bullet in the chamber.

Basically you can work the bolt just fine when cycling the gun with no ammo. But the bolt goes forward but does not close with a bullet in the chamber. My gun got caught in the pull up rope and might have had something bang loose when the rope was being pulled up and the gun did a flip. Nothing major but that is the only thing I can think of that might have messed something up other than trash getting in the chamber.

I kept working with it and I can get it to close now but it is really way to hard to close and even to extract a bullet.

Any idea how to fix this without taking it to a gun smith?

OK yesterday I could not get a round into the chamber and close the bolt. I messed with it after the morning hunt (used another gun) and I was able to close the bolt but it was very hard to close and extracting a bullet is difficult. Bottoms out smooth and easy but pulling it out there is more than normal resistance.

I was unsure if it was easier or just I was willing to put more pressure on closing the bolt. Now that I am home I have cleaned the bore, nothing more, Just sprayed solvent in the chamber and run cleaning patches and wire brush through the barrel. Now the bolt is chambering rounds much easier than when the problem first started. But it is still harder than it ever was in the past.

I do not know if it has anything to do with the cleaning or if it is just because I have cycled the bolt 100 times with a bullet.

Someone mention the barrel might have gotten knocked out of square.

Any thoughts???
Have you tried
Those bullets in another gun? Or try sliding them in without the bolt?
The more I worked the bolt the easier it got... to a point. But it still wasn't nearly as easy as it was. Got some advice and it worked. Took a wire brush used for a shotgun and ran it into the chamber a couple of time. Bam! That is all it took. Like magic the action moves freely again.
build up
Usually when you have a problem like that it is due to excessive build-up preventing the bullet casing to properly seat in the chamber, as you stated. It is usually carbon but can be from brass also.

This is very dangerous for semi-auto rifles because the gun can be fired without the bullet properly seated and bolt closed. The exposed part of the casing can blow out the breech causing injury and also cause a squib load.