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Just for you Bigtoad: eat your heart out!! How about you show us some of your pics and quick yacking.


Incredible fishing still holding strong down in Dularge. I had the pleasure to take a old family friend Mr James Jennings who now lives in Monroe and my neighbor Scott fishing yesterday. It was FISH ON as soon as we got to the platfom. Crystal clear water and plenty of fish. The trout averaged 16-20inchs with a few 13inch trout mixed in. We caught many 2-3 lb double hook ups. The 18-20 inch trout were holding in one area and they were a blast to catch. We actually left the 20in trout biting after we caught our limit. Scott wanted to see what the water felt like!!!!! He accidentally fell in (too many cockails!!) This has been one awesome summer of fishing. Good luck fishing everyone if you plan on adventuring out.
75 in just one basket,my,my.Any ice,iceman? Seriously, nice mess of fish. What can you do in the daytime over there?
Nice catch!
You trying to make me fish on my vacation aren't you??? Dove hunting has been great(bagged another doz. yesterday in Houma) but that trout fishing is hard to stay away from! Glad you got'em NIGHTSTALKER!
Just read all of Capt Bills post (Daytime fishing at its Best)
Capt Bill takes care of the fish in the daytime while I take care of them at night.