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Can my GPS do this?

Captain Paul, I received a Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 for Christmas (from my wife no less). I have not had time to install it but have been reading up on how to work it. One thing I always did with my old Garmin GPS III unit was for each fishing trip, I tracked how long of a trip I made (miles and time) as well as my maximum speed. When looking at the features of the Lowrance, I didn't see anything that showed that kind of info. Maybe I wasn't looking at the right screen. Although the Garmin is old and very small, it gave me some key data such as distance and time to the selected waypoint and the trip info mentioned earlier. Will the HDS give me the same info?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~Coaster81 ~

Lucky YOU! You must have been a very good boy to get such a gift.

Yes it will, but to get the full benefit from the unit, you should download the Lowrance Free program they call GPS DATA MANAGER (GPS-6) from their web site at

This program allows you to transfer data from the GPS unit to your computer via a spare memory card. It will allow you to study the tracks, waypoints and routes that you make in the unit. It will also allow you to plan ahead and log in waypoints and routes in your computer and transfer them to the GPS unit via the same spare memory card.

If you are interested and really want to get into a supplemental mapping program that offers topo type maps in 1:250000, 1:100000 and 1:24000 scale topographical maps as well as ortho aerial photo maps, try the MYTOPO ( TERRAIN NAVIGATOR PRO. This program can also digest the tracks, routes and waypoints logged into your GPS unit and display them on the latest type of aerial and topo maps. It is a fantastic program and the one that I constantly use.

The owners manual for your GPS on page 23 describes a feature called TRIP CALCULATOR. It is under the Utilities part of the manual and describes how to reset the trip calculator for each trip.

Your unit can also read, with the proper accessories, your on board fuel.
This displayed fuel can give you an up to date view of your fuel.

The Trip Calculator will show the trip in distance, time and speed since the last reset. By resetting the feature at the beginning of each trip you will have a log of the trip for that day. You should reset it at the beginning of each trip.

~ Captain Paul ~