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One more question

Capt Paul, thanks for your reply on my previous question. Since I will not be mounting the unit for a couple of months, I would like to play with the unit to learn the features and set some things up in advance. I assume if I can locate a 12v converter that will provide about an 1 amp of 12v power I can connect the hot (red) and ground (black) wires to the unit's power cable. I just want to make sure that will not damage anything. It sounded like that is how you do it in your classes. Also, can I hook up the transducer as well? Not sure if operating the transducer when it is not installed or in the water can cause any damage. Thanks for your help and advice.
temp Hook up for your unit.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Coaster81~

You got it right about the power supply.
Be sure that you use a FUSED line and that you connect the red power cable to the positive (+) side and the Blank to the negative side.

You will be able to find many after marked converters that have a 12 volt cigar lighter adapter for the 12 volt side. The unit would plug into a standard house hold current.

Another was would be to rig a 12 volt battery, either a spare boat battery or a DRY CELL 12 volt that can be found in some battery specialty stores.

I got a converter that has a female cigarette and has Red and Black post connectors. Mine came from Radio Shack about 10 years ago. Smaller sized units usually only have previsions for one male plug in cigarette type connector.

I would NOT try and run the depth finder part of the system while the transducer is not in the water or at least mounted as required by the Owners manual. The use out of the water could overload the images. I recommend that you not try using it.

~ Captain Paul ~
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