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Deer Hunting Issue.Need some advice

Here's my situation.I was making coffee this am in my cabin when i herd 3 shots real close and when i went up the hill to investigate,it was my neighbor who was on his property shooting down in mt thicket and killed a 10pt and a doe and missed another buck. What the heck. I told him you know its on my side He replied yea but the were coming up the ridge to mine.He lives there i dont and it's killing me that i know hes done this before and i hunt with both my 9 and 10 yr old sons and we only seen a few deer this yr and was fortunate enough for my son to shoot one doe and i killed a 4 1/2 yr old cull 5pt we had on camera.I own 68 acres and only take two does every yr and mature bucks only.this yr was the first yr to accomplish that.Need some advice....
Tough spot
That is a tough spot to be in and I only know two ways to handle it. First is do nothing and he will keep taking advantage of you for rest of your life therefore you just as soon sell property as you will never be happy. Second choice is to take a stand. Your either all in or all out on this one but to make it work you must be all in. Make sure your insurance is up to date on place, put a spypoint camera on your place then prosecute to the fullest for trespassing and don't back down. Yes its hard but its the only way or sell your place. Post your property lines heavily and let it be known that you will prosecute to fullest. Word gets out immediately and 95% of problems go away. Good luck, hard but worth it, I know.
That was exactly my two options before the post.I even think hes a felon also.Might need to do a lil more homework.But yes my insurance is current but Damn i hate to loose a beautiful place over one ***hole,ya know.
Those are the deer he shot?,,,Did u keep them?
Discharging a firearm on or into someones property is trespassing. I would of confiscated the deer that were on your property and filed criminal trespassing charges.
Be careful
This is a hard situation First of all you said you
don't live there he does. If you do something he doesn't like, when you are going he might do something to your stuff. I personaly will have a
talk with him first than if it don't work I'll let him know what the out come will be(good luck)
Respect each other Property
I've had problems with people poaching,if you don't take a stand,they will continue.You must decide are you ALL IN,because it can get ugly,he could threaten you & your sons. If the guy is a felon,he cannot possess any firearms.Do a search of public records and find out,catch him on camera with a weapon and what other information you can gather,turn over to game warden,sheriff, & police, don't take NO for an answer.All you want is to enjoy the outdoors with your children.
Whip his ass!!!!
Nex time you catch him in the act go over there whip the dog shit out of him and let him know it will be tollerated no longer. Thats what they did back in the day
Tough Spot?
Break your foot off in his ass! you won't have to worry about him bothering you or your animals again. Had the same issue myself and it works great. He never bothered me again.
Poaching neighbor
Thanks fellow sportsman and land owners.I think what im going to do it when i get back up there on Fri is have a talk with him and try and get a warden there to be the moderator on this situation and tell him im not pressing charges this time but just let him know i totally upset and lets work it out for the LAST TIME.My main consern is that he is shooting down hill towards my pond and my sons are always out there fishing in the pond and that 7mag he's shooting can easily ricochet and kill one of sons and then what.
No Warnings
Good luck with that. He's not going to care that you're upset, because if he did he wouldn't be shooting deer on your land. It's not like he expected you to be OK with it, but he probably didn't expect to get caught.

He'll also interpret your compassion for weakness, and just be more cautious. So the next time that he does it (and there will be a next time), you might not catch him. You may NEVER catch him again, because he'll figure out when you aren't there.

I grew up hunting in open woods where you could walk for a whole day and hunt anywhere you wanted and never see another person. Now different people own the land around me and I have to respect their boundaries. I expect others to do the same.

My hunting club prosecutes anyone found trespassing unless they are under 18 and it's the first time they're caught. There are a few rare cases where people get lost on certain spots, but our borders are pretty well marked and hard to just wander on.

If you don't show you mean business, you'll never get rid of him.
To Poaching Neighbor
I think you have it right to go talk to him but bring a warden or sherrif with you and let him know if he does anything to your place when you are gone, he will be the first suspect!