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Will Daigle

Capt. Paul,

I wrote to you in December concerning a chip for my HDS-5 Lowrance Unit.Fishing freshwater in Lake Verret & the Atchafalaya Basin & salt water frpm Grand Isle to the Atchafalaya River & close offshore.The salesman from the Bass Pro Shop said the Navionic Marine & Lakes USA for $99 would be the best choice. Your comments?

Basin Maps for a Lowrance HDS series GPS
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Will Daigle ~

First be sure that the Navionics Marine and Lakes USA HAS the Basin area that you normally fish. If it does and that is where you will be using the unit, then it should be a GO for you. But I suggest that you check out the Lowrance INSIGHT Topo Insight PRO 2013 East. It is the latest Lowrance Topographical type mapping program for their HDS line units. The Insight TOPO Insight Pro 2013 is as the name implies, topographical type mapping. It will be available in February of this year.

Yes, I know that you are in a boat with your unit, but topo maps are designed to depict land formations with a great deal of accuracy. It also of course depicts the water areas between the actual land. Topos show all of the smaller creeks, cuts, ponds, rivers, lakes and bayous that make up most of the Louisiana topography.
The Marine type of mapping are usually based on marine NOAA charts which are the best in the world for depicting the established waterways that have Aids to Navigation ( NAVAIDS). Coupled with the Notice to Mariners, these NAVAIDS keep the location and description of the buoys, cans, nuns lights and day markers up to date.

But I have noticed that the land features away from and even around these commercial channels are not shown with the accuracy that is shown in a side by side comparison of a USGS topographical type map of the same area.

The INSIGHT TOPO PRO 2013 is sold by regions. The East area covers topo type maps for entire eastern part of the U.S. That means that it can offer you maps for all of Louisiana and more than half of the U.S. Check it out on the Lowrance web site at Then go back to the dealer and ask to see the Navionics Marine & Lakes USA and the INSIGHT TOPO Pro 2013 in a side by side comparison of a particular area that you are familiar with and zoom in to the area.

A side by side view will give you the information to make a choice that will best suit your needs.

Keep in touch and let me know your final choice.

~ Captain Paul ~