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CPT Paul,

If I recall correctly, at one time you offered personal training on a persons respective GPS unit. I would be interested in hiring you to assist me in learning my unit. Is there a number where I can reach you? Please feel free to call me at 337-660-8363 or email me at I live in Deridder but would be happy to bring my boat over your way for the training.


Dan Redwood
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ SlidellKid ~

Looks like we are at opposite ends of the state with you in DeRidder and me in Slidell, but I am sure that we could get together at a mutual location and time.

It may be more convenient if you could temporarily remove your GPS unit from the boat. I have 12 volt DC supply outlets that could provide the necessary power for the unit, if you have or can get a spare power cable for your unit. Most manufacturers sell a separate power cable for their units and some even offer a 110 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC converters for some of their units.

This type of device is a very convenient accessory to have as it allows you to power up the unit at your home where you can learn how to work the unit in the comfort of your home when it is convenient to you. This is especially true if you have a data transfer program for your unit or an accessory mapping program that allows you to plan your routes, add waypoints and study tracks PRIOR to actually getting on the water.

Contact me via email and give me the brand and model of your unit and I may be able to offer you some suggestions on these accessories. I also left a message on your voice mail at the telephone number you posted.

~ Captain Paul ~