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Dogs shot

I seen this on another site the dogs were shot in coffeeville Alabama by some out of state hunters.

They really do have some stupid people in this world
That sucks
How do they know they were from out of state? Did they catch them?
News report
(COFFEEVILLE, Ala.) - The brutal killing of three hunting dogs has rocked the small-town hunting community of Coffeeville.

The dogs were allegedly killed intentionally by out-of-town deer hunters when the dogs crossed onto private hunting grounds they had leased.

Local 15 spoke to the dogs' owners who are local hunters in Coffeeville, and said they were hunting on Saturday on their friend's property which borders the private hunting grounds.

'We had tracking collars on the dogs and the GPS system was leading us straight to our dogs,' Chris Henderson said.

The GPS system showed the dogs were turning back and heading towards the owners, but when Henderson and his friends got within 400 yards of the dogs they heard a series of gunshots ring out.

'The dogs stopped moving on the GPS and it was just sad, man,'
Henderson said, 'We knew what happened, but we didn't want to believe it.'

Henderson said tensions had been heating up over property lines leading up to the shooting. Henderson firmly believes the out-of-towners were upset the dogs were on their land and opened fire.

'There's no question what happened,' Henderson said, 'It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out.'

Henderson said it was a group of six deer hunters from Mobile and Louisiana on the private hunting grounds. Henderson and his friends blocked in the hunters with their trucks and waited for law enforcement to arrive.

'The deputy came out but he didn't do nothin',' Henderson said, 'He let them go. He said there was nothing he could do about it.'

Henderson claims the Clarke County Sheriff's Deputy only did a cursory inspection of the suspected dog killers' guns, determined there was not enough evidence, and let them go.

When Henderson was allowed on the private property, he said he found his dogs shot and stacked in a pile.

'It was like they killed a member of my family,' Henderson said, 'My little sister can't stop crying. In the morning we still put out dog food, but there's no dogs. We hear dogs barking at night, but there's no dogs. They're gone and we still can't believe it.'

After hearing their story, the Alabama Dog Hunters Association stepped in to try and help bring justice.

'This has been going on and something needs to be done,' Susan Morrow of the Mobile Chapter said.

Morrow said this isn't the first incident of hunting dogs being shot, and there have been reports of upset hunters in Mobile County poisoning dogs that wander onto their property.

'The people will [after killing a hunting dog] take collars and hang them on their fence,' Morrow said. 'The game warden says he can't do anything about it.'

The association is now offering a $1,000 reward for the conviction of hunter or hunters responsible for killing the three dogs.

Local 15 spoke to the game warden whose district oversees Coffeeville.

The warden said it's illegal in Alabama to shoot any dog, regardless of whether it's trespassing on your property. The hunter or hunters who shot the three dogs would face animal cruelty charges, but it's up to the Clarke County Sheriff's Department to investigate.
I don't know what the answer to this problem is and don't want to start yet another debate. I know I wouldn't want someone else's dogs running on my property, but shooting the dogs is definitely not the answer. As is usually the case, whatever the solution is, someone's not going to be happy, but there has to be a solution.
hyped up story to put on news, ''WE PUT OUT FOOD, BUT THERE'S NO DOGS'' ''WE HEAR DOGS BARKING BUT THERE'S NO DOGS'' come on now who is going to believe that they still put out dog food for some dogs that they probably threw in the bayou, and i am sure the dogs that are barking are the rest of the hounds he has in his yard, or the neighbors dog, give me a break, i am all about dogs for pets and would be pissed if someone shot my pet
Bad blood
Henderson said tensions had been heating up over property lines leading up to the shooting.

Henderson evidently knew that ''his friend'' who owns the property was having negative relations with the lessee's of neighboring property. Even though he knew that he decides to bring his dogs into an area where tensions are already inflamed. He does not own the property. Why bring your dogs to someone else's property where there is trouble?
He sounds like the ''I've lived here all my life. They can't tell us what to do. We'll show them'' type. I know the type. Dealt with them. Never shot their dog though. Didn't like a dog coming into my yard growling and snapping at me. Got Animal Control to take care of it and tell them about the leash law.

Anyhow, sounds like Henderson brought his dogs into a volatile situation. I don't think they should have been shot. But he isn't totally innocent. He knew before hand of the situation.
That is pretty graphic.

I agree with TUFF that is a bit dramatic for reality. I wonder if it was editing by the paper or the dog owner overselling it to the paper seeking community sympathy.

Reading between the lines that disputes over the property lines had been heating up means both sides knew this was not going to end well. There had been confrontations already and probably threats by both sides - 'I've hunted here all my life. You and your posted signs not gonna stop me from my dogs.' or 'If you guys turn those dogs out on us knowing they are going to run straight onto our property we are going to shoot them all.' Can't you hear them now!

I understand both sides. Dog hunters keeping the tradition passed on to them and the frustration of getting your hunts ruined by tresspassing dogs. (I know they can't read but they aren't supposed to be there = tresspassing) Unfortunately, with big blocks of land continuing to br broken up these conflicts will continue.

My question is, if there was a leash law here and it wasn't illegal to kill the dogs would you be so upset? For example, if it wasn't illegal and the land owners consider these animals nuisances would still think such a moral travesty? I'm jsut curious where people draw the line of nuisance killing, if the legal issues are removed. Cockroaches? Coyotes? Stray dogs? Stray cats harassing your house cat? etc.
just a sad situation
I understand both sides, but you got to be a cold hearted human being to shoot someone's dogs. There are other ways to remedy the situation between the two parties.

I'm far from an 'animal lover' I actually get pissed at my neighbors because there dogs bark constantly and the smell of the pin is horrible. I would never ever think of shooting them.

Your dogs are scaring deer away from these hunters. Make sure your dogs don't go near or around them. If tensions where high and I'm sure it was for that reason, stop being stubborn and don't bring the dogs near the property line.

Still no excuse to shoot, but the only victims here are the dogs..
another thing
I'd recommend taking down those photos. Nobody wants to see that up on top on the front page.


Its not my forum, but i'd really wish you'd delete picture.
Not sure what the answer is here but I've been in a position where I've wanted to shoot some damn dogs that 'accidentally went on to my private property'. I just don't have the heart to do that. My experience has shown me that most dog hunters don't care where there dogs run off too and don't take care or treat their dogs like a house pet. Most of them are starved and full of fleas. This story with all the facts sounds more like these guys did it on purpose because they were pissed and used this as a convenient way to get back at the out of towners. It is definitely a problem without a clear solution.
it would be game on
I have a sq. dog and if that happen to me it would be on. I would wait intill the opening weekend next year and the night before the started I would burn every stand and spray round up on every food plot and distroy every feed. Hey they want to play games what ever no rules. You crossed the line so now theres no lines.
and thats that
I wrote that to all the still hunter out there that have the attitude of I'll shoot that damn dog if it come on my property. Because I know your reading this and I know what you thinking. To all the hunter that want to work together this is not intended to you in anyway. I allways call the people who deer hunt close to where I want to bring my dog and if they are hunting that morning I want go there, and I dont bring him on the weekends, but some time stuff happens and is no one's fault and if my dog get shot well you know.
It is very frustrating to have dogs ruin your hunting day after day. The tracking collars are not for keeping dogs off someones property. Walkers are very fast and routinley get off the property they were turned loose on in a matter of minuets. The collars are for retrieving the dogs late in the day so they can be turned loose the next day and the senerio repeated.If the lazy sheriff is forced to do his job and the shooters have to stand before an Alabama judge they will probably wished they had never heard about deer hunting.
boom boom boom
drabbit, the issue is not too many dog hunters think like you, i have dealt with dog hunters who have intentionally set up on one side of a private lease and turned the dogs loose on the other side and ran them across, i have captured ''trespassing'' dogs before and tied them up where the owners can get to them, but then there has been dogs that i couldn't catch with my ''hands'', like the other guy said, few people can say that walkers are their ''pets'' you don't starve a pet, you don't leave a pet in the woods for days at a time, if they are all pets then buy a tracking collar for each one so they are recovered propperly
Sounds drastic drabbit
I keep hearing or reading about tradition.
Been hunting this area with dogs since the 1800s.
Things change. Like ownership of land, use of land and the leasing of land.
What was once an open area with everyone joining in on the hunt with dogs is not open and without everyone wanting to join in anymore.The dog areas get smaller and smaller.
How much land do you and your dog hunting buddies own compared to the lands surrounding you that still hunts?
It's a hard pill to swallow, but dog hunting will be a thing of the past. Unless you are very rich and can afford lots of land. Landowners have a lot of sway with politicians. If you want to keep the tradition alive best start buying lots of land.

I haven't hunted in 20 years. Dog versus still hunting doesn't affect me at all. I am just saying what I believe is coming.
sound like democrates
For a dog hunter to turn a dog loose on one side of your property and line the other side it probley means they have rights on both sides of you. Which brings this up if a dog hunter has 10,000 acers and someone leases 300 acers inside that 10,000 guess what you have. A still hunter crying. By the way I am a still hunter and do not run deer hounds at all. But what I dont think is right is that still hunter get 80% of the season to hunt like they want. Then when the dog hunter can hunt there few weeks the still hunter go to crying. Shut down still hunting when dog season open then no one's is mested up. But no thats not good enough for still hunter they want stop till they get it all. SPOILED LETTEL BRATS that is our society. People with lots of land means lots of money so yes they will get there way. Sounds like democrates to me lots of money, cry babys, get there way. Yeah thats the definition of democrates
hahaha hahaha your spelling turned terrible once you got mad, get it together dude, don't get mad it is an internet forum, you are bound to bump into someone here that doesn't agree with your ignorant ways, keep your dogs off my piece and i will keep my bullets in my gun, for the record, side by side private property and private property on side of state land not land in the middle of a bigger lease, stop jumping to conclusions, and political preference has nothing to do with this, all you people like to throw around the term democrat when someone doesn't agree with what you have to say, and again by the way I am not a how you put that ''A DEMOCRATE''
My spelling sucks all the time I did'nt have my wife to read over it LOL. Not mad just makeing a point. I really hope I don't make everyone mad it's only for a few still hunter that think that way. Like I said I only still hunt when it come to deer.

I know it sucks to have your hunt ruined by other hunters but where do we draw the line. Lets say we out law dog hunting because it ruins your hunt. I have had lots of duck hunters shoting ducks close to where I deer hunt at even walk withen 50 yards of me to get to their spot. So do we outlaw that also they they dont ruin our hunts. I'm just saying still hunter have most the season let the dog hunter have the few week they still have.
drabbit - I will start by saying I hunt deer with and without dogs. I have had my share of hunts ruined by other's dogs. When my neighbors dogs run onto my property and run deer all day long, that is forcing me to hunt the way my neighbor chooses. NOT the way I chose. When I chose to still hunt on my property, that in no way affects the way my neighbor choses to hunt.
Bottom line is when disrepsectful dog hunters force their way of hunting on property that does not belong to them, it makes people very angry. If you only got to hunt 2 days the entire season and those 2 days your neighbor allowed his 50 head of cows to roam all over your property, wouldn't you be upset?
I understand fully my point is we have almost all of the season to still hunt. The very last weeks we have to share with dog hunter but thats not enough we want it all. Why dont we have a dog only season so that we not interfering with each other. We have a still hunt only to make sure there is no dog intrefering with still hunter. Lets make a dog only. But you brought up a good point about the cow thing. But dont look at just your situation. Put yourself in there shoes they have only a few weeks and the still hunter are trying to take that as well.
I would think there are more still hunting days because the vast majority of hunters are still hunters. The bulk of the people get the bulk of the time.
you keep saying dog hunters don't have as much time to hunt as still hunters, Nov 17-Dec 7(21days) still hunt only Dec 8-Jan 20(44days) with or without dogs that doesn't seem to evenly done to me, and you know what pieces me off about that, being a still hunter in zone six hunting on areas that don't allow baiting of deer, and can't go every weekend, that is not it, it is the fact that dog season is later in the year, and guess what is going on later and later every year, THE RUT, how can a still hunter on ''STILL HUNT ONLY'' property expect to hunt deer in the rut when you have to deal with disrespectful dog hunters, every area is different, you may only get a little bit of time to dog hunt on your end but that is not the fact where i hunt, i choose not to dog hunt cause i don't think it is fair to the deer to be chased down on an all day chase and take pride in shooting something in that manner, that is all, i will keep looking but my piece has been said so i am done with this discussion, have a good day
I think your somewhat missing the point. While you are partially correct it still boils down to keeping your dogs on your own land. This means deer season, rabbit season, duck season, summer, whenever. It boils down to what you do and what you have control over you keep and do on your own land. If I buy land bordering yours and you run dogs on your land that's fine just don't let your actions and choices disrupt my land. Some people work hard to buy or lease land and it pisses me off when i see other peoples animals on my land. Sure it may not be deer season but your dog runs my deer off, spooks my deer, spooks my turkey and is a trespasser. I think most people who run dogs dont care where there dogs run off to because there are currently no consequences and subsequently dont feel the need to police their animals. Maybe some sort of fine for having your dogs on someones private land is in order. Im sure that would make some of these hunters a little more aware of where their dogs are at and try harder to keep them on the land they have permission to hunt on.
agree 100%
Agree with both of you. No running during the rut and lets try something about dog on other peoples property . Can't be 100% prevented but can be controlled. But lets not do away with dog hunting or kill dog lets work together. To do away with dog hunting is not working together. And because the dog end up on your property does not mean its on purpose.

I think your may be missing my point I'm not against you. Give a little and take a little. Yes area 6 has a lot of dog days and in the middle of the rut that should be changed.
Who's deer ?
Here is a thought .
I'm on public land in a climber stand before daylight still-hunting , at 8:30 am I hear dogs coming towards me , in front of them is the biggest deer I have ever seen in my life !! POW i drop him in his tracks !! I get down to take a closer look at the monster and drag him to my boat, eat a sandwich and admire the massive set of horns and can't wait to share this site with another fellow hunter . A few dogs hang around so I tie them to a tree and wait as I hear another boat coming towards me and maybe its the dog owners and I can give them there dogs . As they drive up I'm very happy to show them the monster I just put to rest , BUTT they are not to happy ! They ask me , DID YOU KILL THAT DEER IN FRONT OF OUR DOGS ?? I said yes I did , They said ,THEN THAT'S NOT YOUR DEER !!!

Well then who does the deer belong to ???????
your deer
the man that shot it. you may offer them some meat. but the deer is yours the hunting party would all split the meat if someone in the party killed it.
not your deer
you do not own ANY wildlife on your property so it would be impossible for a dog to harass or chase any of YOUR deer, turkey, etc.just because you feed them thousands of pounds of corn enabling the deer to wait till dark to feed instead of having to wander large areas to find food. you dont see deer .then surly a dog must have ran them all off. face it you are hunting in dog hunting season. no one runs dogs in still hunting season. you have from oct 1st. dog season isnt long at all. i think they should be a dog only deer season. it will be the only way to stop some unskilled still hunters for trying to blame their lack of success on someone else. any person who would shot someones hunting dog is a sorry individual.
Know your boundaries
I am predominately a still hunter but have been on a few dog hunts and loved it. I think the issue here is the same as just about every outdoor confrontation. A pure and enjoyable sport can be ruined by a very select few who refuse to be considerate and show respect for others around them. I have had dogs running across my lease like crazy this year and it has really started to bug me. Not necessarily because somebody's dogs happen to run through, but because my neighbors are letting 4-6 dogs out on a 100 acre tract knowing that they are going to be running almost entirely on my hunting land. I do my best to respect others' property by not shooting deer across property lines or bringing in equipment to clear lanes while you might be hunting nearby, and all I ask is that others are equally as considerate. If you are running dogs and they cross onto my property it is not going to make me mad because I understand you can't control where your dog runs, but if you and I both know that you don't even have enough property to keep your dogs occupied than don't run dogs. So my response to this is just the same as my response to most debates on this site: legal restrictions and altered rulebooks will never make a difference until outdoorsmen show due respect to each other and the sport.
Love of a dog
My lab is like a member of the family. I cant tell you how many dogs I have let walk and not even thought about shooting. You shoot my dog I will shoot you simple as that.
Let me put it so everyone can relate. In our country we are having gun debates. The problem is not the guns its what people do with the gun. And it would'nt be right to take everyone's gun because of a few people. Samething we are having a dog debate. The problem is not the dogs its how some people use them. It would'nt be right to take everyone's dog because of a few people. If you outlaw deer hound the one's that dont care about their dogs will turn them loose with no callors and could careless if they get them back. By what I hear on here thet type or the problem so you would'nt prevent anything. Look at chicken fighting it's outlawed. I see just as many people with fighting chicken today as I did when it was legal. So to outlaw deer hound you just punish the good guy. The ones that are the problem will tell you they are running coyotes. You need a smart sollution not just we'll make it illegel that stops no one
I think I have a solution. If your dog is caught on private land and the dog has your name on the collar the owner must pay a fine. The dog can be brought to the local law enforement and they can contact the owner. He will have to buy his dog back and pay a fine to the private land owner or club. There is laws already against shooting dogs if proven and the penalties are steep. This will stop alot of the deliberate running of private property.
I'll Shoot Them Too
Some of us are tired of 'dog hunters' allowing thier dogs to run all over our property and destroying our hunts!! We work hard and spend alot of money to hunt our property and to have dogs run under your stand while you are trying to still hunt , is BS! Find a way to keep them on your property,or live with the consiquences!!
Mr game on, to hell with your dog, if i cought you doing that, it would not be your dog i would shoot!! Be responsible for your damned dog and keep it off MY PROPERTY!!!! YOU JERK!!
To and thats that
You sound like a respectable fellow! If you do all what you say you do, then no harm should com to your gogs!! But, sir, we deal with ahole rednecks that intenionaly run their dogs on our property when we are not there!! And they run them on property that borders us that doesn't even belong to them when we are there! We are tired of the trasspassers and have no other recourse! We tried the sherriff and wardens, but they always seem to be gone by the time the athourities get there! We are just fed up and they give us no other choice! We have warned them repeatedly!!
cmartin - so just because some people that choose to hunt in front of dogs can't keep their dogs on their property, I need to have MY season shortened? Here is an idea - KEEP YOUR DOGS ON YOUR PROPERTY!!!!! Keep your way of hunting away from my property and this problem will go away. Your dogs running all over my property is you forcing your ways on me. If I try to tell you you MUST still hunt only on property that you own, will you not fight me for forcing my ways on you? What is the difference?

I know several people that run dogs. If a dog doesn't run, they shoot it. They do not want to feed a dog that will not run. I also know people that will give their entire pack away after the season ends so they will not have to feed them all summer long. Whatever dogs are not taken, get shot. I know not all people do this but I know many people that do this. I know nobody here will admit it but I would think it is a safe bet that if some of you get a dog that either doesn't run or for some reason, stops running, will you keep that dog until it dies or will it meet an untimely demise?

deerlover - that will never work. Too many people would just not tag their dog. No way to know who to fine if the dog is 'just a stray'.....
Lets Vote
Well podna, Im certainly no democrat and I certainly don't like your mut fkn up my hunt that costs me a fortune and a whole lot of work! I say we put it to a public vote and get rid of dog hunting completely!! You are like a minority - oh sorry you are the minority!! Lets see how many still hunters compared to how many dog hunters!! Lets have a public vote!! PS-I hope your dogs cross my stand!!
I think it's funny how some of you think the only line that was crossed was a property line

A line was really crossed when the no good pos shot them he should be in jail

I don't hunt deer with dogs but if I did and someone shot them they better call the cops because I'd shot you
I'm starting a new one
I agree should be voted on but to outlaw hunting with dog does that include duck, rabbit, squirrel.

I will start a new post with some ideas on what I think will help controll the matter. But be real dogs will get on other property. Think about it house pets do it, so don't think hunting dog want.

P.S. If the dog is bread for hunting only and most dont make good pet I think their is nothing wrong with culling. We do it with deer, and every other kind of animal that is not intended as pets. Anyway yall let see how many people agree with my new post if anyone.
jb i dont run my dogs on your property . and a dog only season would be the best solution. i cant run dogs during still season but you are allowed to still hunt during dog season. and them you cry because a dog might occasionally go on your property. if it would be dog only season you would be glad to see a dog. ILL SAY IT AGAIN ANYONE WHO SHOTS DOGS IS A SORRY EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING. they are gutless cowards. if a dog goes on you property catch it and call the owner and take it up with him face to face. dont be a pu$$y about it and shot a dog. catch the dog call the police or game warden and the owner and you will see what laws were violated. i cant believe the amount of so called hunters readily admit to committing felonies by shooting dogs. keep it up and you wont be able to own a gun you morons.even one so call internet badass who threatening to shot people. but is such a coward he would shot a dog instead of catching it and call the owner. you call the owner or a animal a law breaker while you admit to committing a felony by shooting a dog and even commit another felony when you threaten to shoot someone on this forum you are pathetic and shouldnt be allowed to hunt or posses a firearm of any kind. why dont you post your real name cajngnmn and were you from im sure law enforcement would like to talk to you
cmarttin - no, you do not run your dogs on my property. Nobody runs dogs on my property. I have hunted property where that has happened however. On that piece of property, every single day the neighboring club ran their dogs close to the property line and every single day, we had dogs all over our property. We never shot a dog and I would never shoot a dog unless my life depends on it. And I agree with you that someone that will shoot a dog should face justice. I would much rather have a come to Jesus meeting with the owner's of the trespassing dogs.
I still do not see where I should give up part of my season because people that run dogs can't keep their dogs on THEIR property? All of this bickering would not be happening if (read carefully) PEOPLE THAT RUN DOGS WOULD KEEP THEIR DOGS FROM RUNNING ON PROPERTY THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM!!!!! It's that simple.
And as a closing thought, calling out someone for playing an internet tough guy would mean a lot more coming from someone that does not call others some of the names you called them. That's a bit hypocritical.
How do you keep a dog from crossing an invisible line

You can be the best guy in the world and have nothing but respect for your neighbor but once you turn your dog loose he's on his own and he doesn't know the difference from your dirt and trees or his dirt and trees
are you defending felons with guns?
there is no possible way to guarantee a hunting dog will not leave your property. but you could try to prevent it. but if a dog does get on someones property. no laws have been broken. in fact the owner has the right to retrieve his domestic animal as long as he does not carry a weapon. that goes for livestock also. if a dog goes on your property you should catch it and call the owner. most people dont want their dogs on you place. if you had problems with he same persons dog. maybe call the police or something. most people are reasonable and dont want bad neighbors. you have to understand that he has the right to hunt with dogs on his property. if your land is next to someones land who runs dogs you probably will see a dog time to time . but you have most of the season without dogs to yourself. it seems you are just being greedy and dont want anyone to enjoy the tradition of hunting with dogs just because you dont like to. if a dog goes on your land it is not trespassing . shooting a dog is a felony. felons should not posses a gun. and yes it is a cowardly thing to shoot a dog . especially with the owners name and phone number on its collar. i dont want my dogs on someone elses land. and its a insult for people to say that i do. and the one guy saying he would shot dogs too and then say he would shot people too? you defending that?
I use to lease some land in Washington Parish Louisiana for deer hunting. I had the same issue there as these guys had with those dogs. I cannot tell you how many times I was sitting in my deer stand just to watch the neighbors hunting dogs come run and piss all over my food plot and piss on my feeder. Hell I had more pictures of the hunting dogs on my camera than I did of deer. Now I had several talks with the dog owner about this issue to try and come to some sort of solution just to get all the common excuses in response. (Dogs don't know property lines, etc). Since I kept running into the same problem I had enough of the issue and thought it was time I called the hunters bluff.. I set none lethal traps around my food plot that was too small for a deer to get into and started trapping his dogs. When I got to the property and there was dogs in the traps I would take the dog 30-40 miles away from the property and let the dog loose on the side of the road.. I never saw a person so pissed in my life and when he would approach me about it all I would say is I told you to keep your dogs off my property!! You inconvenience me Iím going to do the same to you.
Shooting a dog
Anyone that shoots a dog is damn coward and honestly to be a member of Louisiana Sportsman you should either know how to spell or have spell check on. You see a dog bring the damn dog to its owner don't put a bullet in it. The dog knows no difference talk to the owners and tell them don't stoop down on some others levels as in I have read. I've spent a few thousand on my dog and if I ever find out someone shot my dog for whatever reason besides hurting a child which would never happen you'd deal with a hell of a mad man. Your hunts screwed up over a dog find a new place to hunt I've seen a few dogs and shot a deer. It all depends on the day time and place. Yall play nice on here
Hunter, you say you spend a lot of money on your dogs but what about all the money I spend on my food plots? Equipment, fuel, seed, feeders, etc. I guarantee I have spent more money on my deer lease than you have on your dogs. I'm not for shooting dogs but after you have exhausted every effort to prevent those dogs from coming onto your property (this includes talking to the dog owner) what else should be done? (If the dogs are bothering your hunting ground find a new place to hunt?) Why do I have to find a new place to hunt? Think about what youíre saying man! You are being unreasonable and I'm sure an attitude like this towards other hunters solves nothing.. If you continue to run your dogs on my property after I've asked you to keep track of them. I'm going to trap them and bring them miles away so eventually you will get tired of going out of your way to get your dogs or I will call the law on you and press charges for tresspassing everytime I see you on the property.!! Problem solved?
Another issue..
I want to ask a question to see how folks might feel about another issue I have come across. I've known guys that trap Coyotes on their hunting property in an attempt to thin them out. If another hunterís dog gets caught in the coyote trap on private property whose issue should it be? I've seen these guys argue over this issue plenty of times and I have to side with the land owner or leaser. Keep your dogs off the property then they won't get caught in the coyote traps.. Sorry if this sounds harsh but why do people run dogs for deer, rabbits anyway? I can understand using your dog for duck hunting. I think using dogs to deer or rabbit hunt should be outlawed!! Just my opinion, sorry if this offends anyone..
game wardens these days are so lazy. the cop should have investigated further! those guys should have been arrested on the spot.
dog hunting
I at one time hunted with dogs and understand the bond between the dogs and the owners, they are like family. What kind of person would shoot a dog doing what he is trained to do.The pictures are really sad. On the other side if you know this maybe could happen do more to keep your dogs from others properthy.
Why does the editor of this site continue to let posters brag about commiting a crime like shooting someones domestic animal. It is no different than commiting any crime like selling drugs or stealing, a crime is a crime. The editor should ban posters that brag about being criminals.
little E
Boy little E you are lazy. Can't use dogs for deer, or rabbit, but it's ok to use them for duck. Let me guess you duck hunt thats the reason why it's ok. Well sounds to me like you just too lazy to get a duck ofter you shoot it. I'm a still hunter and I want duck hunting outlaw because these people dont respect the deer hunt either. I can be set up in a stand and 15 min. before daylight they came their setting and start shooting ducks. Then if the ducks ant flying the talk the whole time. That's not right why should my hunt be interruped by anouther hunter.
bt the way
a dog hunter pay for a lease just like you. He will buy my sack of feed in a years time to feed a pack of hound then you will buy sacks of corn, and dog feed is 2x the price of corn. Then worm med. and mybe a few vet bills. I have done both trust my way more exspenive to care for a pack of hound. Now if you dont know what it take to care for a pack of hound SHUT UP because you have no idea.
you lazy face it
Hunter, you say you spend a lot of money on your dogs but what about all the money I spend on my food plots? Equipment, fuel, seed, feeders, etc.
Now that is your word from your comment. Then yu say this.I get in the woods looking for sign tracking my game. Now with is it do you put out food and let the deer hunt you while you sit in your stand, or do you get out there and look for sign and hunt the sign. I only hunt WMA's no box stands, no bait. Bait is for people that can't find the deer.

What club you in I would like to speak with find out if yall have problem with hounds, or you just going by what other have told you. Hey thats a good way to prove me wrong.
Time and money, money and time
Sounds like everybody gots lots of extra money and time on their hands..

Food plots take lots of cash and time.
Dogs take lots of feed and care.

Take some of that extra money and buy either cheapest fencing available or hot wire.
Take some of that extra time and put up fencing or 3 strands of hot wire. (3 strands of hot wire can be put up real cheap with PVC pipe for posts. might even keep the deer from trespassing. lol)

Good fences make good neighbors. Seems like I heard that somewheres.
It's the law!!!
At one time it was the law that you had to have 3 strands of barb wire (or maybe 1, can't remember) to legally post property.
I think suspending that law was a big mistake. It forced people to spend money for a fence.
Yall just a bunch of cheap arses. Spend some money and save a lawsuit or imprisonment for foolishness.
just looking for facts
I know ther are case of dog on other people propery I just think what some people put are things they hear about but not what has happen to them. Anyway I finished with you all you do is back up when someone wants the facts. Good day
en garde
A French fencing term.

Shooting Dogs
67.2. Theft of animals

A. Theft of animals is the misappropriation, killing, or taking of any animal which belongs to another, either without consent of the other to the misappropriation or taking, or by means of fraudulent conduct, practices, or representations. An intent to deprive the other permanently of the animal or an intent to ransom it for the purpose of extorting money or favor is essential.

B.(1) Whoever commits the crime of theft of animals, when the misappropriation or taking amounts to a value of one thousand five hundred dollars or more, shall be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than ten years, or may be fined not more than three thousand dollars, or both.

(2) When the misappropriation or taking amounts to a value of five hundred dollars or more, but less than a value of one thousand five hundred dollars, the offender shall be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than five years or may be fined not more than two thousand dollars, or both.

Thought I'd share this with all of you Dog Killers. You shoot a dog, you are a coward, face the owners, don't shoot the pups, and when the dog owners whip your a$$, then think about that everytime you see a pup!! Go play on your million dollar lease (or so you think) that you DO NOT OWN!!! The real landowner of your lease needs to hear about what you are doing on HIS land.
ok maybe one more comment

hey tuff

It's legel to shoot that coyote but guess what it a dog big problem. Hey guess what if you shoot a hog and turns out it's bear. What will happen if you get caught.
Lucky Man
I got an idea.Come to Mississippi and pick up all the (cageless) hunting dogs that all the hunters left out.I seen about 4 last weekend and boy do they need a meal bad.
'Man's Best Friend'
...Bone,we tried to catch a lot of dogs up and into a few days after a hunt...many times they go psycho and won't come to you...(even leave food and some clothes for scent on the ground)'s sad to leave them...
Read thru some of the comments, dog hunting is always a sensitive subject. I have a Doberman that if I could, would be the best man in my wedding. If someone would shoot him, I would not hesitate to beat that person to near death. However, MOST of these hunting dog owners can give a shi@ less about those hunting dogs. I've heard of people in the surrounding area of Thibodaux (some will know who I'm talking about) that will shoot dogs that don't hunt or come back injured. I wish they would ban dog hunting. What skill does that take? I don't understand how it is legal. Your causing unnatural movement. Most people that do it are just as inbred as the dogs themselves. That may be a harsh statement, but I'm sure most will agree. All it does is stress deer and other wildlife out.

As I said earlier, I didn't read thru the comments and I'm sure some of you ole tymers are talking about how y'all used to run dogs all the time. Well back then it wasn't as big of a deal as it is today. Back then most of the property wasn't private and people had more sense and respect than some of these 'hunters' have today.
I for one like the idea that was previously mentioned about stopping still hunting during the dog season.......Of course that would mean that still hunters should have access to the dog hunters property during still hunt only season, right??
Bonecollector why would you think I want those dogs you must be one of the ones that think shooting dogs is ok
What skill does it take? Have you ever trained a dog to do anything beside side, come, and stay? By looking at your profile you probley pay someone to do that for you. I'm 29 but most my generation belives in sending a dog to school to teach them something. O yea I guess it takes skill to plant a food plot and throw out corn then sit there and let the deer hunt you. Yeah the great deer hunter!! You said Most people that do it are just as inbred as the dogs themselves. You should'nt go there thats a little over the line. Your grandparents probley run dog in there day so what would that make you? LOL. And then for you to talk of respect after saying that. You one of those people that wants respect but disrespect other that you dont even know.
Les creatures de Dieu
Paurvres chiens. Ils auront une place dans Le Ciel. Les tireurs brulera en enfer. Si vous ne comprenez pas cela, son parce que c'est une autre de Louisiane perdu de traditions.
thats right
Dogs Shot
Some say, 'No way food is still being put out' Well guess what, Some people actually love there animals. Huntin dogs or not.
others are saying, 'Should have never knowingly went into a bad situation.' How do you know that is what happened.
Others have said, 'lining up the property line to run through to the other side to other legal hunting property' which is not true.
The list goes on.
I'm a deer hunter who doesn't dog hunt. The bottom line is, Someone that can do to a domestic animal what was done to these dogs, that person is a definite sociopath. And would do the same to a person if given the right opportunity.
I'm in no club my family farms in tensas we have land. And me having no respect and love for deer hunting? I really wish I could post pics from my phone of our food plots and stands. I bust my ass offshore to pay for my hobbies and someone telling me about how much money they spend to keep there place up and a dog ruins it all. Since when did people start shooting dogs? Maybe me and a few others are the only ones that see wrong in this but that's a sorry human being. Think if your son was riding his 4wheeler on my property should I shoot him or trap him? No you be a respectable human being and take it up with the parents. Honestly the picture should be deleted and yes I duck hunt but my dog (Ellie) is more that a retriever she's part of my family. My 14 month old loves Ellie and maybe I don't spend money on leases because I have land but I do spend money on food plots and stands and rice bran. We spend about 2500 a year on rice bran a few thousand dollar box stands and some 350 dollar tripods and game cameras and feeders I mean I can go on and on but I would never shoot a dog unless it was attacking my son or my future wife. Simple as that your a sorry person to look through your scope and shoot someone's pet. You can email me if you wanna talk more about this. I'm offshore that's why it's taking me awhile to get back to this post. Thanks Hunter
Hmmmmm #2
Okay the inbred statement was a little overboard. My bad for that. Dog hunting twist a nerve in me for some reason. I don't see it as hunting. It's just a little unfair to me. At least, as a still hunter, the deer have a choice to cross paths with me. I've done it before and it just wasn't my thing. I've posted before that you can compare it to fishing. Would you rather find a good spot and catch fish or go into the middle of the lake and have a 'trained' shark released to push all the fish to you. Everybody has an opinion and there is mine. I just think running dogs do a lot of harm especially the select few people who run the dogs in the summer for training. Does are carrying and it's just too hot to put a dog through that. Bottom line I don't like what it dose to dogs, and It causes deer and other wildlife to move outside of their instincts. This will be my last comment. No hard feelings. Every time something about dog hunting gets posted, the thread blows up. I think we can all agree that a lot of people love it and a lot of people hate it. Lets leave it at that.
c'est vrai
Tout quelque chose tu dire c'est vrai, mon ami.
I don't get it. The entire issue is dogs running on property that they are not wanted on. If dogs would not run on property that does not belong to the owner's of the dogs, nobody would be mad. I am pretty sure that neighboring properties would not mind a dog on their property every few weeks, it's the dogs that run EVERY DAY on neighboring property.
Also, nobody is approaching the fact that a lot of people that have dogs will themselves shoot their dogs. I have seen it many times. They don't just shoot them if they don't run. Some shoot the entire pack after season so they won't have to feed them all summer.
As for people saying they are loyal to their hunting dogs????? Yeah right! If it is a lab that is used for duck hunting or blood trailing, yeah they are also pets. But when is the last time you saw someone playing fetch with a walker? When is the last time you saw a walker sitting in the passenger side of a truck while the owner is in the grocery store? When is the last time you saw a walker laying on someone's couch and the owner scratching it behind the ear?
I hunt deer with and without dogs. I enjoy both. I do not think, anymore, that running dogs give an unfair advantage. It does have it's advantages but I do not think they are unfair. I also understand that people that spend their hard earned $$$$ on their property should be able to use it as they want to WITHOUT interference from outside properties. Dogs running on others property make those property owners hunt ways they do not wish to hunt. People that choose to still hunt in no way force their ways on neighboring property owners UNLESS their way of hunting is disturbed.
Dog laws
In my parish your dog either has to be on a leash, chained, or fenced in.
Just because it's deer dog season doesn't change the laws here.
There is also a long list in the parish ordinance section of what constitutes a nuisance animal. Ones that howl all day long, running loose without the owner are disturbing the peace.
I suggest you shoot a video of, not your gun at the dogs and take them to court.


If your not willing to put state and local laws to use then shut up.
If your not willing to spend the money to fence in your property then shut up.
At least get an attorney to send a certified letter to the offenders concerning your intentions.
The state put up laws about someone disturbing a hunt because of PETA. Use them. And no I am not going to look it up for you.
Lucky Man
Hey Lucky Man I don't know if you are aware of it or not but when you said that you and your friends blocked the other people in so they couldn't leave you could be charged with kidknapping. If those guys get the right lawyer you might not be so lucky.
Not me
I don't know the people involved but if it was my dogs shot I would not have blocked them in I would've ran the over!!!
Luck Man
You could not be more wrong on that comment.I sleep with two dogs and my wife in the bed and hunt where they run all over my lease and still wont shoot them cause its not their fault.If the dog hunters took half the care as i do of my pets nobody would have a problem with dog hunting............PS: How many upland bird dogs do you see pointing phesants that are 1/3 their actual body weight.I talk to the dog hunters all the time in the forest and they tell me that they dont feed their dogs for three week before the season so they will run and that's the part i can digest.......................................As a matter of fact i picked up a stray dog two yrs ago and gave it to a friend in Metairie and she's the best pet he's ever had and came across a litter of puppies last yr and called the local vet to come pick them up.................So NO I DONT SHOOT DOGS.....................
Not every deer dog is treated the same
I see a lot of people judging all houndsmen by the least common denominator! Everyone says that the dogs are starved, shot and of no value to the owners. I certainly have seen this and I have also had people hug me and thank me because I found their lost hounds and returned them. First off the dogs in the picture look well fed, no ribs showing and they look clean: no legs stained yellow from living in filth and mud, no black wax dripping from the ears, no brands, no paint or silver nitrate marks. So at a glance these look like well cared for dogs. Second not all deer hunting with dogs involves dropping a bunch of dogs in the swamp and hoping for the best. In more agricultural areas my friends use small groups of dogs to drive deer from small areas of dense cover (field corners sloughs ect.) and then pick up the dogs (who are trained to return when called) and move to the next patch. Third dogs who hunt hard can lose weight very fast, I saw my Boykin years ago go from 42# to 37# during the first split of duck season despite being fed all he would eat. I have clients (I am a veterinarian) who tell me their hound go from sleek to bony in a full weekend of chasing deer. So when you see thin looking hounds they are not necessarily being starved, they may just be working hard (google some images of pointer field trial and look at those dogs). And as far as whether dog hunting for deer is somehow unfair to the deer the last I checked when studies were done dog hunters harvest far fewer deer per hunter effort than stand hunters. Also in studies where dogs were run on radio collared deer I believe the deer returned to normal activity ( which 90% or more of the time is being unhuntably nocturnal) within a day. So it's not unfair and not a major disruption ( unless d-bags are letting them run intentionally on your land everyday). Fourth rather than shoot the dogs, catch as many as you can and if they are repeat offenders take them to the nearest shelter. The owners will get tired of paying to bail them out and the dogs will get some rest and a meal. To paint poaching houndsmen and dog loving honest houndsmen with the same brush is no different than saying that all deer hunters are a bunch of jacklighting, spotted fawn shooting drunken rednecks. I don't dig hunt for deer and I have had some frustrations with fog hunters in my life, but I have seen enough guys pay good money to have me work on their hounds and seen the tears fought back when we put one down to know that they are near and dear to many houndsmen. Shooting dogs isn't the solution and stories like this diminish public opinion of hunters everywhere. Likewise one group of hunters labeling another group as inbred worthless slobs rather than addressing individual bad actors is just giving fuel to the forces aligning against our sport. Dog hunters need to respect boundaries and train dogs well to avoid conflicts and 'deer patterning aficionados' need to understand that an occasional intrusion by canines is more likely to help than hurt their efforts. As far as banning rabbit hunting and bird hunting with dogs as a few suggested that's just silly.