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What is the Strangest thing you have seen while Duck Hunting?

I know this sounds like an Uncle Si story but while hunting Saturday morning, my hunting buddies started saying something about dorsal fins in the decoys. I was not paying much attention to them as I scanned the foggy sky for ducks. Then all heck broke loose In the decoys. It was 2 dolphins feeding in the decoys. I could not believe what was happening. By the time I got my phone out they were leavening the pond. I have been hunting Delacroix for over 35 years and this has to be the strangest thing I have seen while in the Blind. I did get a quick glimpse of them on film. I will try to attach the video later. What is the craziest thing you ever saw from the duck blind?
Saw a similar thing in Lafitte. It was one dolphin that swam onto a mudflat and took off thru the shallows while we were picking up dekes in the mudboat. It was a pretty cool sight.
I believe it!!
I had the same thing happen first day of teal season this year in the biloxi wma 2 dolphins in 3 feet of water. Couldn't believe it, 20 minutes after they left I made a few cast bouncing a spoon off mojo caught a couple rat reds and one small speck.
This was taken at the third 'finger' at the jaws which is probably well over a mile into Cote Blanche Bay.
this season had a hawk swoop down and grab a duck before it hit the water. Day was slow enough, so i took it as a sign god did not intend for me to have birds that day.
Pop I saw same thing on the Pearl just last week.
I was coming out of my lease on East Pearl and as soon as I came out of the main canal and started up the pearl toward the HWY 90 Boat lauch I noticed something in water up ahead. AS I got closer I saw it clear as day, grey hump followed by a dorsal fin. watched 3 of them for bout 20 min.

Never seen that before was a unique experience.
Weird Duck Tale
I'd think this might fit in a duck story even though it is about fishing , we were fishing one day in Bayou LaCrow / Pointe a la Hache and seen a decoy moving along the bank , looked at my buddy like wow , threw my line at the decoy and hooked into the weight string , started reeling in and the fight was on , pulled in a decoy with the string and weight that a double rigged beatle under a cork had one lose beatle stuck in the string and a redfish that was about 24 inches on the other beatle
Baby Ducklings
I was not duck hunting but at our camp in Grand Isle they had a couple ducks that would stay in our canal by the camp. We were watching them swim down the canal one day and the little ones were following momma. It was sad but we watched crabs grab 3 of them. I am a duck hunter but it was still a sad sight.
why didnt you save them from the crabs?
Seen dat
Saw these in the deeks at PAC
They were in the canal and I didn't have my boat with me that trip. We were working on the camp. Nothing much I could do for them.
Dead Duck Flew Away
Today was the weirdest. A mottled duck past through the fog over the blind. On my first shot I killed him stone dead and he just kept flying. Two follow up shots had the same results, stone dead killed him but just flew away. Go figure! Dead ducks flying away!!
Stone dead
Pop, you mean it folded up and then recovered?!!!
Man that happens to me alllll the time.
Man a couple weeks ago me and buddy had a flock of mallards zoom in right above decoys. Both shot and dropped 2 greenheads. Dog picks them up bring them in blind. Dead right!!! About 10 minutes later 1 of them got up and pretty much ran out one side of blind about 10 ft and into the water. GONE.. About 2 hours later when we were about to leave my dog kept going to grass at water line where duck went in and we kept looking. I remember about my grandpa telling me mallards will bury themselfs in the mud. Grass in our marsh is like pads of mud so I had the idea to pull grass back. When i looked down i thought i saw yellow mixed in with mud. Stuck hand in and sure enough, i come out with my greenhead. How wiered is that.
Several years ago I was hunting on Christmas eve in Johnson's Bayou. There was an inch of snow in my boat and blind and the ice was 3/4' thick. The sky was clear and flocks of squealers were coming into the decoys! No other ducks but squealers were killed. I told my buddy that something was truley wrong when it snows in the marsh and we shoot sumer ducks!

Bizarro Duck Hunt at it's finest!

Duck suicide
Thirty years ago a friend and I were hunting the burnout south of Manchac. We killed some mallards and picked up the dekes and put our duck calls and shotshells in our dry boxes and started paddling in. Each in our own pirogue.
My friend was in front of me and about 200 yard from the railroad track we see a lone red head duck following the tracks. Just to make a joke my friend starts yelling QUACK QUACK QUACK.
Well that redhead turns and comes straight for us. So my friend gets excited and keeps yelling QUACK while digging in his dry box for some shot shells. He loads 2 in the gun pumps one in the chamber and shoots that redhead.
Two hunters, 2 pirogues, out in the wide open marsh with no dekes out and no duck call.
Only thing I could think of was thats the only duck I ever seen commit suicide.
Told my friend ''I aint eating that duck!''
Weird stuff
The year after Katrina my son and I were hunting in Delacroix and he wounded a grey duck that fell behind us in some broken marsh. I got up and walked across the land to the broken marsh to look for it. When I got to the water I saw something stand up startled by my presence. I would have bet big money that the two things that I saw were seals. They were huge. Much bigger than my 60 lb lab. Back at the camp I told everyone what I saw and they all had a good laugh. That was until next week one of the other guys saw em too. Our theory was that escaped seals from the zoo found their way to the marsh. Someone else said river otters can reach 100 lbs. I have never seen river otters before or after. Ps I am not a drinker or druggie!! Haha!
Me too
I saw 4 otters last year swimming through the decoys all the way next to bank and then they disappered. I see otter's often where we hunt just never in the pond while hunting.
Speaking of Otters
Actually I have seen otters in SE LA marshes for many years, and they are smart! Several years ago, I had a dead grey duck in my pirogue, which was about 15 feet away from where I was sitting in the grass hunting. I heard some noise in the pirogue, then looked over and saw an otter jump out of the pirogue with the duck, never to be seen again! It's not bad enough that they will steal ducks on the shoreline, but this guy took it to the next level!
I was bank fishing on old 51 Hwy. I heard toe nails scraping the asphalt behind me. I knew it was big but didn't know what it was so I just froze in position.
A huge otter come right beside me looked me in the face like to say ''How ya doin'' then went in the water.
I nearly crapped my pants.
Oops sorry it not duck hunting story.
Dolphins, Otters and Raccoons
When I was a kid we were fishing at the Empire jetties when a pod of dolphins appeared and started playing Frisbee with a large flounder. They would literally come half way out of the water with the flounder in their mouth and toss that flounder 30-40 feet or more and the others would scramble to get to it first and that one would do the same thing. Never saw anything like that again. A few years ago we were duck hunting in a pond no deeper than 1-2 feet. Right at daybreak I see dorsal fins IN the decoys. A pair of dolphins cruising through. After a few minutes you could hear the chatter from one and they both bolted toward the cut leading to the bayou. Made quite a racket as they tried to push through the shallow water. Another hunt a grey fell in the marsh. Before I could make my way over to look for it I heard snarling and growling like I've never heard before. Scared the heck out of me. I made my way over only to find parts of that duck ripped to shreds and raccoon tracks all over the area. This season I was hunting down Pass-A-Loutre (Pass of the Otter) when a crippled grey was making it's way to the cane. I gave chase but right when the duck made it to the edge, a big otter came from out of nowhere, grabbed that duck, circled around the edge of the cane for a bit then disappeared into the cane. You see these things and it takes a minute or two to register exactly what is going on. Ya never know what's going to happen out there. Fun stuff!
Strange things in a duckblind
One time while hunting in the marsh in GC an event happened that scared the u no what out of us. We arrived at the blind way too early. Our blind was an elevated blind above the water and the pond we hunted had many alligators. 3 of us were sitting on the bench in the blind waiting for daylight and all of a sudden my son (25 yr old at the time) let out a blood curdling scream like Wooooooooo!!! and all kind of commotion and noise was going on at his end of the blind. Well I love my son to death but once he made this noise it was every man for himself. My buddy and I must have set an Olympic record for the time it took to go from sitting down to jumping up to a standing position onto the bench. Once things settled down we found out a marsh hen had flown right into my son's lap while he was sitting in the blind. We all had a good laugh about it after but we were all scared sh@#less for awhile.
Hunting down in venice two years ago and while we were throwing out decoys we noticed that our decoys were being hit by something when they would hit the water. Upon further investigation we discovered 4 sharks stuck in the pond after the tide dropped and were apparently trying to feed on our decoys. Need less to say we decided to hunt elsewhere.
mallard decoys drug across pond
18 years ago, hunting over a spread of mixed decoys Harry Bourg Land in Dulac, one of the old-style flambau drake mallards started violently jerking its way across the pond all on its own! My father & I got a kick out of it. We had often observed redfish in our decoys, but never had a fish latch on to a decoy. The decoy traveled about 50 yards, then it was released by 'whatever' had it. We had to assume a redfish somehow got tangled up with the decoy's line. Pretty cool to watch though.
that was a funny story!
Loved it.
you see some crazy things
Pulling the boat home for Pointe a la Hache for some work , had killed a male and female small version of red headed hooded Morganza and they never had a mark on them , really fine looking duck and I wanted them mounted so I put them in a Sweggman's bag and had them in an ice chest , seen a friend on Paris Rd and pulled over to show him the boxes of specks we had and the ducks , opened the bag and the male jumps out and takes off down the shoulder of Paris road towards oncoming traffic with one wing not working , I was in chase and he crossed the line of the shoulder and got onto the street a couple of times and almost caused a major pile up , this was the duck that would die , rung his neck , beat his head and thought I was going to have to get the gun out again , needless to say he was a mess when it was all over and never got him mounted ------------------ was fishing a spot we called 4 Bayous out of la Hache , name speaks for itself 4 bayous intersect at one spot , winter time so fishing mud minnows under a cork , get a bite and reeling in it felt funny , out the water and into the air comes a black loon , what we always called a negro geese , so he is flying in the air and I got him hooked in the mouth on a pole , he swallowed the hook and was pretty mad and mean so I had to cut the line , I never seen him before the bite apprently he went under out of view around the bayou point and swam into my fishing spot ------------------ once in Oak River close to the dam , the guy in the boat next to me hooked an otter in the back and reeled it into the boat , that was pretty funny watching them deal with the otter trying to unhook him
A long time ago
I went duck hunting on a friend's lease and they had set 55 gal drums half sunk in the marsh for duck blinds. There was about a six inch wood lip on these drums at the top. The boat would pull up to the drum and you would jump off and stand on the top then drop down. There was a small wooden seat inside the drum that you could sit down on. The boat takes off and I am about to slide down into the drum when i hear something moving about in the drum. It was a huge nutria and he wanted out. I was standing on the top with a foot on each side of the drum. Needless to say we were both in bind. I finally lower the strap on my shotgun and he clutch it and I put him over the side. I cant tell you the relief that came over me. We were both happy with the ending.
I can picture that , funny
Could have been worst.......a cottonmouth ...... I use to see a lot people using them square garbage cans with the lid on them that can be picked up hydraulically with a truck , but I ain't seen one in a while