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Sac-au-lait pond fishing

I'm thinking about trying this 10 acre pond inside of my friend's apartment complex tomorrow for some sac-au-lait. Before the cold months came in I was catching a lot of bass and bream out of there, and everyone kept telling me there was sac-au-lait in there, but I could never find them or get them to bite. However, now I talked to another guy who has caught some in certain spots in the past and has told me where to go so now that I'm off tomorrow I wanna try there tomorrow. Do you guys have any suggestions?
fish bait
In the basin, the blue and white jigs work for me. Or live baby crawfish too.
I would suggest balck and chartreuse with either a 1/32 or 1/16 chartreuse jig head. I have had great success on these pretty much any place I fish for them.
no luck
I tried for sac-au-lait yesterday and had no luck. I didnt get a chance to read what yall had posted until today! I was using shiners 5 feet under a slip bobber and only got one little hit but real action. Are they just not biting on shiners right now? Also, what techniques do yall use with the jigs? do you use tube jigs or curl tails? do you pop it or do let it set motionless? Any info will help
Jig use
I normally pop it every couple of seconds to make the jig hop. This is usually when I get most of my bites. I also prefer a tube jig. Not saying its better than a curl tail it's just what I prefer. If the pond has some structure try fishing along the outside edges of it. Hope this helps.
winter fishing
Dont be discouraged by the winter months. Find the deepest spot in the pond and focus your efforts there. All fish seek deeper water in the winter months because its warmer. As the surface water cools, it forces all species of fish deeper in search of warmer water. And they typically feed on baitfish so shiners are your best option.

Good Luck.

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I been trying my luck with the techniques and still nothing man. I tried tightlining using tube jigs, roadrunners,and crappie nibbles. I haven't used shiners in a while. Maybe now that its warming up the shiners will be more productive. I wanna try friday evening since im off that day. What do yall think? Anything I should change because of the change in weather?
Sac-a-lait in a pond
They should be spawning or already spawned out in a pond. When the water temperature gets anywhere from 57-62 degrees they will get shallow and spawn; like 1-3 foot of water and spawn.

If I was you I would've looked a lot shallower. Shiners are okay, but limit your casts because they die. Like some of the others said use tube jigs under a slip cork. This will allow you to pop the jig and leave the bait in the strikezone. Also, usually where you catch one you will catch a few more as well.

Don't be afraid to fish shallow in thick structure. Good luck.
I thought wrong
Thanks alot Duck enticer! And here I was, thinking that the water was still too cold for them to come up to the shallows. I'll try the shallow parts of the pond on friday then.