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Sandy Hook Tragedy

Every gun owner and american needs to watch this video on youtube. Type in psbkzahq Its 30 min long.Let me know what you think?
here it is
.The shooter never used the rifle. It was in the trunk of his mom's car.
Seems like the governor was trying to choose the right words to get the message out?
There are literally hundreds of conspiracy videos on you tube.
Was it real or staged? If it was staged that would be the sickest and most outrageous hoax ever pulled on the American people. Is Obama capable of this? Can something of this magnitude be a hoax and not be exposed?
I put up the first video to help out Bonecollector2.
I put up the 2nd video for motorboat since he is a man of words and phrases.
fish taxi?
this government can do whatever it wants to do, whenever they want to do it!!!! do not put anything pass them!!!! sandy hook, the biggest hoax on the american people, what about dec. 7th, 1941, the jfk assassanation, all the lies, just recently, hillary clinton?????? not me just part of history!!!! area 51, who will ever know????? fort knox has gold?????
'How Sweet It Is'
...funny how it doesn't work to good for them when it's a two way conversation ???...cheers