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Dog Help

i have a a black lab that is about 1yr and 3mths old. he was one of the sweetest dogs ever. the last few mths he doesnt listen at all. he seems to be getting really aggresive and wild. he acts like he wants to bite new people(has never biten anyone). Before he would stay in the yard and come when we call him and now when we let him out he just runs from us and will leave the yard.

any help at all will help at this time. he and my son grew up together and are inseparable. so i really cant just give up and get rid of him if all possiable but i am scared he may hurt someone.

i was thinking a underground fence as far as keeping him in the yard. but hear they dont work with big dogs? but what could help with his aggresive and wild behaviour? he will be getting neutered this week and putting him in a training for basic training (sit,come).
Thanks David.
I'm no expert, but it almost sounds like someone has been antagonizing your dog when you arent around... Or something along those lines. Good luck!!
I wouldn't recommend the invisible fence. It uses a shock collar to work. I'm not a big fan of those. I think it messes the dog up. I know a lot of people that use them, but I have never needed to. Not all dogs can just be let out in the front yard and not run all over the place. Some are calm and just hang out. Some bolt. Bolting isn't bad unless its in your front yard. I can't just turn my dogs out in my front yard and expect them to act right. However if I turn them loose to hunt, they will obey me when I call them in or back into the kennel.
shock collar
I am a huge proponent of the shock collar and when used properly can thoroughly reenforce your training exercises... you want him to be obedient to YOU not to a fence... use the hand held collar for mild correction when using commands and your dog will respond to you when necessary.... just remember to SHOW him what you want him to do when he doesnt do it then praise him when he does... walking your dog on a leash also helps show that you are in command...... i had a purebred bloodhound that with good collar training never had to be on a leash... thats unheard of for a bloodhound..... just my .02
Shock collars are good in my opinion. You must use them properly though. i have rehabilitated two very aggressive dogs with them (Doberman, Rottweiler). The doberman is now my family pet and you could never tell that this dog was once a few steps away from being put out of misery due to aggression.
I used to joke with people that given enough time and batteries, i could teach a dog to do Calculus. Point being that they learn quicker, and it forces them to pay closer attention.

As far as your lab goes, any dog breed will usually show aggression, turn stubborn, and do things out of the ordinary from the age of 2-3. You can compare this behavior to a teenager going through puberty. Some dogs do start it early and this may be your case. Biggest advice to you is to start NOW with training and corrections. These little problems can quickly turn into bigger and more permanent issues.

I'd recommend buying a good (middle of the road) shock collar. The ones that i have were around $130 and have been working without a problem for three years. (tri-tronics) Make sure it is water proof. They have a lottttt of options out there, and they can get pretty high-tech. Just get a simple one IMO.

learn how to use the shock collar
Exercise him more
Be VERY firm and strict on him when it comes to obedience.
Reward good behavior during training
Socializing with other dogs is never a bad thing either. I would think with what you have said that he wont be social, but he needs to learn how to be.

hmmmm #2
Iv'e seen the underground fences go both ways. Some good, some bad. I rather train a dog to listen to me than have to spend all that money to get that installed.
shock collars?
i agree with ricky pon! shock collars is the way to go! like he said learn how to use them properly, they aren't a torture device, but a training device!!! my grandson used one to train his lab and she is a super duck dog and loves it and him!!
If you know how to use shocks correctly they work great. I have rabbit dogs, so they aren't trained the same as labs. Don't think I'm bashing shock collars. Just invisible fences. I use hot dog chunks and fur covered with rabbit urine. Kinda redneck, but I got great handling rabbit dogs.