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Pelican Cooler vs. Igloo Yukon cooler

Debating on Pelican cooler and the igloo yukon cooler. Does anybody have the Pelican or Yukon, and if so please give me your input on pros and cons.

ANy info is appreicated.
never saw a reason to buy a lifetime cooler and pay a fortune for it.

you could buy a lifetime of regular coolers and they will never melt enough ice to make the cost of one of those coolers even remotely make sense.

unless you are a commercial charter boat capt then save your money and stick to regular ''reasonably'' priced coolers
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I have a 128 qt igloo (white marine) left over from my shrimping years. Must be 25 or more years old. Have changed the hinges and latches a few times and I walk on it every time I fish. Tough enough for me.
The Igloo Max may hold ice longer than that old Marine one but why go buy another when this one still in good condition.

If looking for a new ice chest I think I would go for the Igloo Max. Take your change and go fill your boat with gas.

Sorry I don't know about the other chests. I just can't justify that expense not being a commercial guide.
I have a 50 quart Yukon. Very well made ice chest and keeps ice very well, but only been having it approx 3 months. I have a 24 qt Yeti Roadie that is also well made and also holds ice well. No nothing about Pelican. I would lean more toward a Yukon because it is just as well made as a Yeti and is more reasonably priced albeit still expensive. Both are heavy ice chests even when empty so be forewarned that if you get one bigger than a 50 qt. you'll probably need 2 people to lift it once it's loaded down with drinks and ice.
I bit the bullet and ordered a Pelican 35 Quart. I will do vary test and update, since not a lot of people have tried the Pelicans.
Thanks for the previous comments