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New GPS Unit

Capt Paul,

I purchased the edge program for Lk Pontchartrain and Delacroix areas and both have been used in my Lowrance LCX 113HD unit. Recently I sold the 113HD unit and am looking to buy one of the new Lowrance Gen 2 Units. A few questions for you;

1. Will I be able to transfer the waypoints from the edge series to the newer unit. If so, would the same steps as the previous installation apply? If not, how?

2. There are many retailers selling the new HDS units with various mapping programs installed($1,500 and higher). I saw one unit listed for a good price ($1200) with the base map only installed.

I plan to buy and use either a Navionics or the Standard Mapping series (for Delacroix) card for the new unit so it seems to me, it would be a waste of money to buy a unit with any other map programs installed, especially since the price increase is $300-600. Am I right?
Do your home work before buying mapping programs
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Bart One ~

The same instructions should work in the new HDS Gen 2 unit as in older LCX unit. If you have the MapCreate 6 or the GDM-6 data transfer program, either should work with transferring the data.

Transfer them from your unit to the memory card and then save the data to a file in your computer, then transfer (copy) the files to the memory card.

Evidently they donít market the mapping software and the unit together as the sticker shock would stop many users.
The Navionics and the Lowrance INSIGHT are ortho corrected mapping programs that could set you back another $200- $300 and even higher. So be careful when ordering any of these programs as there is no return on software items.

Go to a stocking Lowrance dealer and ask to view the different mapping programs that are available for the unit. Find you fishing area and zoom in on a particular location. Compare one to another. This will give you the necessary knowledge to make an intelligent decision.

Captain Paul