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Sell my Boat or not

Can anyone give me some advice? I have a
22' Triton bay boat that only use about 6
to 8 times per year due to work schedules
and finding people to fish with. Would it
be more economical to just hire a charter
captain for those trips and sell my boat?
When I call a charter captain do i have
to book a trip for a group of people or
can I just book and fit in on a boat? I
love my boat but the reality is i think
it would be less hassle to just book with
a captain and actually catch fish more
consistently. Any thought would be
Do you enjoy boating and fishing? Not just catching. Most of us with boats enjoy the first 2, catching is just a bonus. You can never justify in term of money, the expense of owning and operating a boat. Only you can answer that question. I've been in a couple of guided trips and sure you will catch fish but there is nothing like taking the boat when i want, where i want, and stay out as long as i want.
of Course
I certainly enjoy being on the water, one problem i have is the boat is simply too large for me to launch and land by myself, so now i am hampered at finding fishing buddies who can fish the days that i can fish. If I were able to launch and pull the boat out myself I would certainly use it more often. My sons getting older and he will probably be able to drive the boat at the marina soon enough. Im just looking at different options is all.
i am sure if u want fishing buddies, just let them know on this site when and where! sure you will have a lot of takers and they will be glad to help pay expenses also!! a lot of people fish, but dont have access to a boat!!
sell or not
Maybe downsizing will solve your problem. I have an 18ft. bay boat that I, on occasion, will trailer myself. I've never found that I wasn't able to get to a spot because I wasn't in a big enough boat. Of course, I'm not trying to fish offshore. With the smaller engine (115 four stroke), it burns very little fuel, relatively speaking.
Then downsizing may be for you. I too own a 19 footer that I can tow and launch easily by myself.
sent you a e-mail
fishing buddies
i'd fish with ya!!!
i mostly bass fish because i have a bass boat.
I like saltwater fishing just don't have buddies that have saltwater boats. I have all the gear for saltwater fishing but nobody to fish with.
Tough choice
You're not going to justify owning a boat purely on economics just like you're never going to justify hunting or fishing purely on the value of the fish and game you take home to eat. (It will absolutely be the most expensive meals you have ever eaten!)

If you find that you are not using your boat enough to justify all the expense and maintenance, perhaps you should consider selling. Though charter trips have bad days too, they certainly are much more consistent at catching fish.

If you look at from simply economics and not all the other benefits/enjoyment from owning your own boat, you will likely be better off selling and then chartering when you can.

Most inshore charters are full charters and not split ones, but some guides will put you on a list to split a charter if they get others looking to do the same.

There is no shortage of great guides in Louisiana and you can get a wide variety of experiences fishing with different ones in different locations.

It's really a tough decision, so you need to carefully weigh all your options.

This coming from someone that owns two boats and five kayaks, and also takes a fair amount of charter trips. I won't to sell any of my boats though.

Good luck.