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Weather Man???

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Everyone that stayed at home today after seeing
the forecast.... you missed a great day of fishing.
Sacalait and bass on fire!!
Black /blue jig and a rogue for the bass.
The sacalait were biting a black-chartreuse
tube jig under a cork.
I fished out of Bob's Bayou Black marina. Look
for clear water and you will find some fish.
Capt. Anthony
Thanks for the report
I wish I would have been on the water today instead of the office. It's cloudly downtown, but I knew since I woke up the fish would be on today.
What color rogue and what were the fish holding on?
capt anthony?
weather man, great job to have!! if u are right, its ok and if you are wrong, its ok!! something like being the president!!! anyway, great catch!!! moral to the story is dont listen to the weatherman or to the president, they are both full of it!!!!
Gold and orange belly rogue.. the Bass were tight to the bank
behind the grass. The sacalait were on the bank too.
Its hard to find the sacalait, you fish a 300 yard long canal
and they are on a 20 foot stretch. The marsh is so silted
up i think there are a few banks that have a hard enough
bottom for the fish to spawn on
Nice trip
Yeah, the weatherman is a real fart-knocker. I have resorted to flipping a coin for my weather advice.

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