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Tickfaw river

Has anyone caught any fish in the tickfaw river lately? there or around blood river. I am looking to catch a mess of sac-au-lait'
Caught some really nice 30+ cats a couple weeks ago. Spent last mon and tues at the camp. Still seeing mullet but no shad...Finally got to see a bass which was a relief. Wasnt sure if i was gonna get to see any after the last storm. Ended up catching 2 both about a lb.. One was a Kentucky...first one Ive ever caught down there. They were on the bank...only fished off my shad worm texas rigged. Havent seen any papa mouths yet, but havent fished for them either. And as far as a mess of fish, IMO gonna be a while before we see that down there, but i could be wrong.
False........What did ya catch the Catfish on??
smaller ones 2-15 were coming off cut mullet 25+ live bream
Tickfaw looks dead
About the only thing you hear good reports are from catfish. Hope the river comes back because it really was a nice place to go for Bass/Sac's.

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