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Lake Martin Swamp Gobblers

First year turkey hunting, I have a couple questions that would be awesome on getting me started.
We have family land i'd like to try and turkey hunt on. The land is 81 acres leading to lake martin. Land starts behind my families homes and continues through the woods into the swamp to lake martin. The land has it's share of wildlife, from deer and hogs, to tons of vegetation and thick hardwood, and into the cyps of the swamp.

My questions:
What the chances of being able to consistently hunt gobblers on the land?
Where should i begin scouting/hunting as the season gets near?
&& any other advice..anything will help. (basic help, tips, equipment, etc.)

Bout' the only way you're gonna know is to go out and listen. The birds should be gobbling soon if not already. On that size of property you should be able to hear birds anywhere on the property. I don't know much about that area, but if there is a pipeline or openings that is the place to start. I definately would not do any calling, but might take an owl hoot to see if anything responds. I would check it out several days in a row. They may show up at any time.
   Big Joey
Wait till next week when the weather warms back up. Go out there at daylight and listen, dont do any calling just sit tight and listen. If a gobbler is on 81 acres you'll hear him gobble, if you are somewhat in the middle of the property. Most gobblers wil gobble at least a couple times before flying down by the first week of March. They tend to gobble best on clear sunny mornings. Some turkeys may not gobble for the first 15-20 mins of daylight, others will gobble when its barely cracking light. Everyone of them is different. Good Luck...