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Late Friday Report

Last week coworker Mike O bought a nice second hand flats boat and wanted to give it a run Friday. I was game but my better judgement suggested that he get a Sea Tow membership or we take my boat also just in case something went wrong. Too much procrastinating on both parts so we headed for Bienvenue without my boat and Sea Tow.

Boat was running good, nice stable ride with a good cruising speed. We decided to kill a couple of hours on the trout and then head deep into the marsh for the bronze beauties. The trolling motor crapped out after about 30 minutes, I knew it was now going to be a long day. The tide was dead so the trout were slow as I believe we hooked 5 to keep 2.

We left the trout and headed deep back into the marsh when the motor kills about mid way back. It cranked right up and we continued further back when it killed again but would not crank again.

All I could see was that Sea Tow membership application and a black ink pen then I realized it was a mirage. We fooled with the motor for a while but no remedy worked so it was time to try the cell phone. Well about 4 1/2 hours later and just before sunset his dad found us and began the tow.

It was a good reminder to both that being stuck really sucks. So much of a reminder that I renewed my membership at the boat show Saturday and he called today to get his membership rolling.

Tips of the day:
1. Get the membership, it is cheap
2. If you don't have a gps, buy a cheap hand-held so that you can give them coordinates when you call them. It will expedite the service.

I won't win any academy awards but the attached video is a snapshot of that day's entertainment.
Vet Tow
You should have called your Vet, he's always looking for an excuse to get out of work! At least the gnats weren't bad yet but they're coming.
flyin the flag
Yeah Guap, Friday was a rough day. It was looking bad from first thing that morning! I'm just glad that we can look back and get us a good laugh now!! Shit was getting real quiet as we got a little closer to sunset!! Mo Biggs n Zeno to the rescue with that big evv!!
Getting Outta Work
Doc - If I'm gonna get you outta work it's gonna be to go fishing...maybe we should go ahead and plan that sick day! lol
Gilligan's Island!!
Man J I'm glad you guys didn't have to spend the night out in da marsh!!
After hitting that pole in the ICW I think a Sea Tow membership is definately in the future!!
sea tow
sea tow is a great idea. i have it on my boat . what is great about it , it covers you on any boat you are in at the time. bad news is that evan if you would have gotten it the day before you went out , it would not have covered you. it takes several weeks for it to take effect.
A Matter of Time
Yeah it's only a matter of time before we all experience it at some time or another.

Hope to have better results this weekend.
sea tow coverage
Hi guys and thanks for the endorsements. To clear up a few small details, it only takes 24 hours to activate a membership. If you call today, you're covered tomorrow. The membership card takes a few weeks to come in the mail, but you are covered in 24 hours. It covers you or anyone else in ANY boat you own that is in your name. If you are fishing with a buddy in HIS boat, he would need his own membership to be covered. If you own 5 boats, all 5 boats are covered under 1 membership and whoever operates them is covered also. Hope this helps and thanks again guys!
Thanks for the clarifications Capt, I couldn't remember exactly that's why I recommended that my coworker get a membership.

Great seeing y'all at the show last weekend and for the on the spot renewal.