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Randal Girouard

Captain Paul I have a Garmin 182c that is not reading the data card with Topo Map source on it. I have 2 friends that have the same unit and their units are reading my data card. I tried their cards in my unit and my unit dose not read their cards. I called Garmin and they sent me the data card 6.0 update to update my unit but it would not work in my unit, so I called them back and was told the data card reader in my unit is bad and they no longer support this unit. I was wondering if you know anyone who can fix the unit or where I may get another unit 2nd hand because I have all the attachments and really like the unit. This unit was purchased in 2001.I just thought maybe you had a good idea on what to do since I like the unit so much. my e-mail is
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Randal Girouard ~

Sorry Randal,
The only people that I know of that repair Garmin units are GARMIN. The same thing holds true to almost all other GPS manufactures.
The units are now made with sealed cases and use Garmin propriety parts that they donít sell or distribute outside of the Garmin company.

If they canít help you I donít know of any one else who could.

You said that two of your friends had the same unit. This may be so, but sometimes there is a manufacturers update in the same model number without giving it a different number. It is possible that your unit is an older unit than your friends. So before sending it to the trash can, try this suggestion.

Get a spare data card that meets the requirements of your unit. Be sure to look in the ownerís manual and in the Specification page. Note the type of card that is REQUIRED by the manufacturer. I say this because many of the newer Secure Digital (SD) cards are now High Capacity and High Speed, and Extreme,( HC, HC, EXT) These newer technology type cards MAY not be able to be read by a older unit that reads older vintage technology cards. Find a standard SD card that your unit was initially designed to read. With the unit OFF place the new standard SD card not a HC SD, or HS-SD or Extreme SD card in the card slot of the unit and then turn the unit ON. This is necessary, as the unit MUST write coded info to the card so that the unit will later recognize it as a Garmin Card / unit.

Then, using the MENU feature in the unit, transfer any data, such as routes, tracks or waypoint data to the new card by giving it a unique name and writing it to the card. With the unit off, remove the card and place it in the card reader of your computer and see if you can read the data file that was transferred. Unless you have the Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager, the Base Camp, or their MapSource 2005 topo installed on your computer you will not be able to actually read the information, but you should see a file with under 150KB on the card.

If this is successful, then it is not a default in the unitís card reader, it is that the unit cannot read and write to more modern cards.
If the file name was NOT written to the new card, then the internal card reader of the GPS unit is defective.

If the file is on the older technology SD card, try to copy the Topo SD card data onto the older SD card and see if the unit will recognize the mapping.

If this all fails, then it is time to start shopping for a new unit. I suggest that you stay with the Garmin line as the TOPO Mapping software and other accessories may work with the newer unit.

~ Captain Paul ~