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dumb question...changing fishfinder units

Ordered a boat coming with humm. pmax 160. Can I use same wires on lowrance? And what will it take to put the one I replace in front? I'm just trying to run as little wires as possible. Thanks for any info.
USE the NEW cables
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Martys ~

Unfortunately there is no set standard for how the connections are designed for both the power and the transducers cables.

I believe that the Black and Red power lines would be the same, but the connectors to the unit would be different. So you could use the present power supply cable to power up the new unit by connecting the new cable to the existing power supply.

The transducer unit connections and requirements vary with different models made by the same manufacturer, so I would NOT take a chance of harming your unit by using an unauthorized connected transducer. Doing so would probably void the manufacturer’s warranty. Do not try to splice the new cable to the existing cable as the transducer cable should be a solid, unbroken cable from the unit to the transducer. To have it in two pieces joined together, can allow interference to enter the system and prohibit or destroy the signals.

If it were my rig, I would use the new cables for both the power and the transducer connections.

~ Captain Paul ~