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Google Earth to Lowrance

Hello Cpt. Paul,
I came across this site was wondering to things:

1.) Is it really this simple?

2.) If I convert my Lowarnce to Google Earth, will it interfere with your Edge Waypoints?

Using conversion programs is beneficial
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Radman68 ~

The conversion they are speaking about is the Data meaning the waypoints, Tracks, and routes from one format to another. It DOES NOT convert the actual map images from one format to another.

Certainly the site you find will do this data conversion for you. I have used it on many occasions, but I prefer the GPS BABEL program. Babel has a free download and can be found at

The Babel program can be installed in your computer so that you donít have to have an internet connection to make it work. In addition, it can convert the data from most common GPS formats to a variety of different formats.

Remember that some of the Google Earth images are NOT ortho corrected images and as such they may not coincide with a properly corrected map. Note that there is NO datum indicated for the image.

Certainly, use the program and refine the position when actually on site with your GPS unit.

The Captain Paulís Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoint, is data that is loaded into the internal memory of the GPS unit. That means that they appear as an overlay on what ever mapping system is in your unit.

As such they remain in the internal memory of your GPS unit until you specifically delete them.

Be sure to back up ALL of your waypoint files, BEFORE trying to convert them from one format to another.

Call me if needed and I will gladly offer my thoughts on the matter.
Captain Paul