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Red snapper for 9 days

Anybody else see the announcement that federal red snapper season will be 9 days long for Louisiana?

This has gotten out of hand. I just do not understand why they even bother? I feel as if they are trying to get people to stop fishing. There seem to be very few opportunities to catch red snapper within the 10 mile state line.

Very frustrating!

I'm very sorry for the guides as well.

This is really bad.
Check this out
Just a rogue organization
NOAA/NMFS are trying to keep you from fishing. They are wanting and successfully doing it in the Atlantic and now the Gulf of Mexico.

They pick and choose which parts of the law that governs how they are to manage. Follow anything that dictates limiting you (Recreational fisherman) and ignoring the parts of the same law that dictate how they are to conduct business.

It is NOT your imagination. They are actively killing off the recreational fishing sector of the fishing community. They are NOT doing this because they are trying to protect the fish. They actively refuse to follow the law that states they are mandated to improve their data they use to justify their actions.

They were mandated to fix it by Jan. 2009. That isn't when the law was passed that is the date they were mandated to implement it by. To date they still have not improved their flawed data.

Why? Because they don't want to! Why? Because it will show that they are being over restrictive in their red snapper TAC numbers.

Amazing how the red snapper fishery according to them is getting more pressure than ever before despite the season shrinking ever single year. Proper math is not their strong suit but lies, deceit, criminal activity is!

Enjoy your big gov't at work!

But don't worry there is some good news. Once they have removed all the habitat (OIL RIGS) that red snapper depend on there won't be any red snapper around to fight over. Cheers!
This is outrageous. Only a nine day season is ridiculous. I fish out of grand isle and there are not many rigs in ten miles that hold legal size snapper. Where is CCA? I'm not giving them any money or supporting them if there not doing anything. Writing my Senator and Governor letters of disapproval.
CCA is fighting for your rights to more snapper. CCA’s calls to reallocate red snapper more in favor of recreational sector which now is awarded on paper 49% of the TAC (total allowable catch).

An army of environmental and commercial lobbyists even disquised as a group that represents you and me, continue lobby to take part of the recreational TAC and give it soley to Charter Captains. This has been done to divide recreational fisherman into two camps and weaken their political strength.

NOAA/NMFS fought to get the power to punish specific Gulf states that choose to not have their state waters controlled by NOAA.

What people need to understand is:
A. Louisiana, texas and florida are trying to fight back against people that are trying to destroy the recreational fishery... to line their or their friends pockets by turning recreational TAC into a sellable commodity.
B. CCA is in agreement with the states that aren't bowing to the masters at NOAA.
C. There are more snapper in Louisiana than ever before! Yet they keep reducing the limit and the season!
D. Federally lic. Charter Capts. can't fish red snapper in La. waters during the Louisiana snapper season or they could lose their lic.!!! 30B is the law that basically give the Federal gov't the right to screw over the charter capt's. Another strong arm tactic that need to be reversed.

E. NOAA collects data on recreational fisherman. They use this data to estimate how many fish Rec's are catching. The data is crappy and flawed and this has even been acknowledged by NOAA. A law was passed nearly a decade ago that says that NOAA must improve this. The dead line was Jan. 2009!!! It is 2013 and NOAA has continued to break this law to this day. They have refused to fix what they admit is broken.

F. You and I go to jail for breaking the law... they don't.

G. They refuse to fix this data problem because they know it will show their estimates of recreational fisherman are wrong. This would require them to give recreational fisherman more days to fish and/or more fish to keep per day.

I along with the CCA and Texas and finally now Louisiana and Florida have said this corruption is more than they can bear. They have basically said we aren't going to continue to roll over and take their crap any more. Thank God!

Louisiana started the La. ball rolling last year when they for the first time claimed a 10.357 mile state water limit as apposed to the previous 3 mile limit. Texas and Florida has had a 9 mile limit for years.

For those of us that have been wanting more than the crappy 3 mile limit like many other states this new push back by our state representatives is a very welcome breath of fresh air.

I for one am tired of seeing Louisiana get the short end of the stick in so many areas when it comes to treatment by the federal gov't.

I would rather fight back. I would rather lose but at least know I had not rolled over an taken it like a wimp. At some point you have to stand up against a bully. Yeah you might still lose your lunch money and yeah you might get a black eye for your effort. But the alternative is much worse in my opinion and hey you just might get to keep all of your lunch money for here on out.

Legislation has now been introduced to even give Gulf States authority to manage reef fish out to 120 foot deep (20 fathoms). This is all in response to the illegal mismanagement that has been going on in both the Atlantic and now the Gulf.
Mike thank you for the information. I travel five and a half hours one way twice a month in the summer to fish grand isle every year. I've been reading about the destroying of decommissioned rigs and it is just plain stupidity that they want to improve fisheries but destroy the one things that truly make the fisheries strive. Ill help support in any way I possibly can from this distance. You can improve on ignorance but you cant change stupid! States should govern there own fisheries not federal government. Only Louisiana can protect Louisiana and if a black eye is needed lets fight to keep our fisheries alive. I'm in!
left hand meet right hand
Hey, glad to hear it. The rigs being destroyed is a huge issue and it is being fought unsuccessfully.

People need to understand that Louisiana has the best red snapper fishing of anywhere in the world. And guess what when Columbus sailed to the North America Louisiana didn't have squat for red snapper. Mud flats just don't support red snapper. It takes stucture. Outside of a few natural reefs such as the flower gardens and various salt domes such as the midnight lump, louisiana was horrible habitat. After all the oil rigs have been removed Louisiana will once again return to a place that no red snapper fisherman is going to consider in very high regard.

Rigs to reefs isn't even a great answer to the problem. If a rig is converted to a reef they remove the rig from the surface down to 85' below the surface. The rigs might still be there but it is not worth even 1/10th as much to the fish as it was before.

The oil rigs are the most productive reefs both artificial and natural in the entire world. This is because they extend from the bottom all the way to the surface. Remove the oil rig from the top of the water column and you remove the most productive (by far) section of the reef.

This is another issue that must be addressed. The only answer is change the law so that the reef ownership changes from the oil company and as currently isn't the case all liability must be transferred as well.

But as we all know the oil companies are evil and nobody wants to do anything even perceived as helping and evil oil company's. Doesn't matter if it will save critical habitat for the sacred coral reefs that must be saved at all cost!!!! Unless of course is has something to do with big evil oil companies.

Pretty sad!

These are TWO seperate issues that we must win if our grand children are to be able to fish for red snapper off the La. coast like we did.
Yes two different issues. Want my two boys to be able to catch fish like I have been since I was a child. Oil Companies are the only reason we have a descent economy. There employment of south Louisiana workers is massive. Im all for Oil drilling more rigs more fish structure.

Florida has red big red snapper in shallow thirty five feet of water but there are only a few per man made reef. Sunken barges and a few boats is all they have as structure and fishing is week compared to Louisiana. All I heard when fishing there was you Louisiana boys have it made and its real fishing. The destruction of the rigs down to eighty five feet is such a waste and will turn it into poor fishing like Florida.

Its a battle just have to pray we get a President from Louisiana that fishes and will Louisiana! Not some Chicago thug with back door deals and old Chicago ways. Put down the cigarette and basketball and go fishing on one of your vacations.
Lobbyist in sheeps clothing
Mike is right. I was speaking with Charlene Ponce at the Gulf Council on the phone last year and when I brought up my concerns over the pulling of the rigs, she told me she was confused. She said she was getting a number of calls a day from people posing as fishing groups from Louisiana lobbying to keep the removal going. No calls at the time against. These were lobbyist for the companies that are making fortunes removing the rigs hiding behind cute names. I had a client that is in that business tell me it was like having a license to steal. In all his years in the oilfield service business, he had never made money like he was, removing platforms. The only hope we have is thru our legislators. Contact them. Phone, email, write. Belly acheing to one another won't get it done. CCA is doing it's part but we need to do ours. Every voice counts.