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Under Construction

From the looks of how things are going down here at the marina, unfortunately the boat launch will not be up and running through the week and weekend. The bait shop will still be open to anglers for bait and tackle, etc. You can launch at Serigne's and come down to Sweetwater and purchase your live shrimp. Sorry for the inconvenience at the moment. We will keep you guys updated
Boat Ramp upgrade
Good luck with the repair/upgrade of your ramp. Are you making it any less steep? I have to tell you that the time I saw you use a boat to give a car a push with a boat, to assist it up the ramp and towing that boat, was a first for me!
The absolute best place to fish -- I hope you're not out of commission for long.
live bait
dang and I was comming there this weekend -- do you guys have live shrimp?
yes we have live shrimp
RE: Under Construction
Hey Captain,
Any launch/parking fee for kayakers?