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Randal Girouard

Dear Capt. Paul: I recently wrote to you about the data card on my Garmin 182c not reading and you posted the article in the April La. Sportsman so, I am wrting today to give you the results. Fist let me thank you for all the valuable information you wrote about backing up routes and waypoints, this was very helpful and beneficial. After writing to you last month I was flipping through the Sportsman and I saw the add for Sea-Trac out of New Orleans so I thought I would give them a call. I told the technician, Todd about the unit and the problem and he said he thought they could fix it thinking it may have been a bent pin or something minor on the card reader, so I sent the unt to them and he called me then next day that he had it fixed stating that a wire had come loose off the card reader and he soldered it back together. I recieved the unit yesterday, 3/28/13 and everything is working fine. They did not loose any data, routes or waypoints while repairing the unit and also upgraded to the newest software version. I am very pleased with the repair done since I was able to reapair a $1,000.00 color GPS for $150.00 including shipping and labor. I guess this would be beneficial to your reader because I am sure there are a lot of GPS owners that just buy new ones because the manufacturer no longer supports these units. I strongly suggest checking with Sea-Trac in New Orleans before buying another unit in this situation. I know I saved a lot of time by not having to run new wires and install a new unit in my 22' bay boat. Again thanks for your time and information and hopefully this will healp another boater or fisherman, because they said they fix many of these units. Hope to see you on the water one day,
Randal Girouard E-MAIL
A Harahan company repairs GPS units
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ RANDAL ~
Thanks for the Kudos, and thanks again for letting our readers know that one of the prime advertisers in the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE, SEA-TRAC repairs certain problems in GPS units.

SEA-TRAC is located at 114 Hickory Ave, New Orleans (Harahan) LA 70123, telephone 504-737-0591, 1-800-899-0591.

I strongly suggest that you consult them before trashing your unit as it may be repairable. At least give them a call to see if they could help.

Thanks again Randal, I am glad that the repair worked out for you. Now donít forget to back up all of your data.

~ Captain Paul ~