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Cast iron pot

Ok guys, I'm in the market for a black iron pot for jambalaya, chile, craklin etc..... I'm stuck on whether to get the 5 gallon or the 10 gallon. Most of what I'll be doing, the 5 gallon would probably work. With that being said, I know the day will come when I wish I had the 10. Do any of you guys have the 10 gallon and think It's just to big? I'll be doing some gatherings for around 60 or so people a couple of times a year. I'm really leaning towards the 10 gallon. What are you guys cooking with?
Big Time
I don't cook with anything that big but I would go with the 10 gal.
You can always cook smaller portions in a big pot but you can never cook large portions in the small pot.
10 Gal
Go with the 10 gallon. I have one and love it. I have a friend with a 6 gallon and one with a 15 gallon. I cooked in both and when I bought mine I decided to go in between and don't regret it one bit.
Go with the 10. I have a 5 and a 15 and wish I had a 10. Oh, and call me if you need a taste tester.
Black Pot
I made the mistake and purchased the 5 gallon, now I have a 10 gallong and a 5 gallon! I will tell you what my Dad told me, you don't have to fill the pot up everytime you cook in it. Buy the 10 gallon and if you only want 5 gallons, fill it half way up!

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