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lake P trestle

Anybody have any luck at the trestles the last couple of days besides captains? I went Saturday evening and this evening and put every color on the hook in the box and threw my shoulder off and only got one fish? Tried towards the north and the south side and only found muddy water with no action and every boat I talked to saying the same thing. Then when you look on here you see videos and pictures of peoples catch at the bridges. must be doing something wrong
All I can say about the trestle is PATIENCE and PRACTICE. I mainly troll but jigging try 3 colors. Lemonhead, shrimp creole and the new pink one. Usually have success with one of those 3.
Trestles just aren't on right now. Waste of time.
Meaux we are catching some at trestle. No limits but some nice fish are coming from there. Havent even tried jigging it yet but from experince thats the colors id use. The waters still cool. Once it breaks 65 deg then it's ON.
I've made a few trips over there. I am not a paying advertiser on the site so I don't post any guided trips on here. I only post my scouting trips or when I have friends aboard.
Golden rule!!
duck head:
The golden rule for fishing the trestles or any of the other bridges in the lake is:
Make sure you are in contact with the bottom.
If you can't feel the bottom with a 3/8 oz jighead switch to a 1/2 oz. 99% of the time the trout will hit the lure on the fall so be ready!! Sometimes the fish hold tight to the bridges and other times they are off the bridge a little.
Hope this helps!!

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