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Garmin Waterways and Lights

Capt Paul,
I have an older copy of the now-discontinued Garmin US Waterways and Lights program, which has many wrecks and oil and gas platforms marked on it. In your experience, how accurate are these locations currently? Also, have you ever fished any of the marked platforms or wrecks? I would assume even if the wellheads are gone there may still be a shell pad underneath if the locations are accurate.

Thank you
Don't part with that program
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Fishpuncher ~

You are right. I have a copy of the Garmin US Waterways and Lights, and I would not part with it.

Although some of the older well heads man no longer be at the indicated location, there is usually debris around the sites. And, in some cases the site was “Cleared” by removing the structure to a certain depth below the water level. A substructure may be 30 or 50 feet below the water.

The bottom line is all of the sites are decent fishing locations. Use your Depth finder and scan the area around the indicated site for any type of structure. If you find any, fish it. That would include irregularities on the sea floor.

Log in the sites and transfer them to the internal waypoints in your unit and then back them up. You have a very valuable fishing tool.

Captain Paul