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Would like to purchase 1874 Advise how do I order.
I am having a problem using my new Mark 4 GPS Combo. The instruction manual is not helpful. Contacted Lowrence they gave me a web site to download but not app. for a Mac. I need instruction that will step by step walk me thru setting up way point naming waypoint alpha. Had an old Garman that was detailed to the extinct for various options i.e. setting waypoint, push certains buttons exact detail naming {alpha} waypoints.
Is there anyone in the Covington, La. area that can help me with detailed instructions?
Contact me for additional information
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ PaPaYakker ~ Emcgurk ~

I am not quite sure what program or device you are looking to purchase for your Lowrance Mark 4, other than getting an easy to understand instruction manual for it.

The Lowrance site that offers free owner’s manuals is at

I suggest that you access the site and download and PRINT out the instructions. That way you can make notes, etc on the pages without damaging the original manual that came with the device.

If you were to contact me, I could give you some instructions via the telephone or if you are interested, I provide seminars on the “Why” and “How to” on GPS. I ask that those attending bring their GPS unit and batteries or a means to connect their unit to a 12 volt DC power supply. A spare cable with a 12 volt male cigarette lighter plug that connects to the unit will normally do, as I provide several 110 volt AC to 12VDC converters in the class room.

I normally give three to five such seminars per year at various businesses, meeting rooms or KC, VFW, American Legion halls in the metro area. These seminars are limited to about 25 attendees. However, because of health reasons, I have had to curtail these larger gatherings. I do however offer a limited attendance for one, two, or three attendees at a mutually agreed location.

If you are interested, I am in the Slidell, Louisiana area right off of I-10 by the Oak Harbor exit.

Captain Paul