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New to the Bow game, looking for some help

New to the Bow game , and before I hear it a million times, I kno PRACTICE, and lot of it, Im looking more for set up of stand, good places to look on almost anyones land, we hunt a small tract of land, pines and hardwood sloughs, lots of thickets , ridges and drop off creeks, and backs up to the tickfaw, one of the hardest places ive hunted, pre season cleaning doesn't help at all, everything grows back thicker,im just looking for tips pointers, basic knowledge, down to the smallest details, knowledge is a powerful thing in a mans quest for game.

thanks guys
Hunt the thick stuff, a salt block or some corn if legal where you hunt will go a long way towards getting a shot at any deer you do see. It is amazingly difficult to get a good shot off before a deer moves past you stand.

Oh and it seems stupid but be sure to mentally mark off distances around your stand before you see a deer. You don't want to have to waste brain cells calculating distance when your target is walking through you field of view.
thank you
thank you very much
we baited with corn heavy last year, with no regular pattern we could see, with the weather being so off this past winter, trail camera we put out showed a pack of 6 very hungry does, with a mature doe and it seems she is producing 2 fawns a year,since she was 2, 3 bucks all year, 1 dominate buck 'Jim Tom' we call him, hes a 7pt., we caught a young 4 pt., on cam, and a young 8pt. called 'extra Point', his rack is straight up and down, we had scent protected as much as we could, but the winds whip in the bottoms blowing any kind of scent we put off everywhere
I was thinking of getting a ozone generator, as I hear they do work,
this year instead of hunting the gullys edge, Ima hunt a huge thicket, about 100yd.x 100yd.
Im going to cut a 20 yard box, with paths thru the thicket back
bait heavy, we just have the problem of the all the deer goin nocturnal, any more tips would be great from anyone
Here's my take. Stay out the main thick stuff, never go in there, sanctuary, bedroom. Put stands on perimeter where wind will blow out and away. Never get down in bottoms as wind will swirl. Put up one or two timed corn feeders starting around June or July and get them to start developing a pattern using them. All u need is 4 second spin time morning and evening. Have it in a place u can get in and out without being detected. Don't go there except to fill it at midday and when u go hunting and always wear rubber boots when u go. The less human encounters they have the better they respond. If you feed heavy on ground they will be nocturnal, your making them that way.
thank you very very much, the land also drys out in the summer unless the tickfaw is up, which its a 2 ft, with a 13 ft flood stage, so , last winter was really wet!,streams moved our bridges for the tractor, needless to say we have a lot of work ahead, for the briars, im goin to get '24D' I believe is the name, im goin to cut small paths, and one 20ft box ,set up a feeder, with a mineral booster compound, the horns are growing now, all this I hopefully can complete by early june

ill keep up to date
thanks again guys
the passing of information is important to keep this tradition alive
try Arsenel. It is expensive but it works for me.
I just looked at mossy oaks line of seed, and I am thinking plots, anyone know the amount of water would be needed to kill a plot in a small flood, the creeks back up where we hunt, and flood for about 36 once or twice a season, see any problem with that?
I was thinking
60ft x 60 ft
the outside edge use their tall grass seed, and use the inside use their easy plot hot spot stuff
and find a tree on the outside of the plot and set up there, good idea? bad idea?

I could be just going nuts
but Ima do it the feeder will be for another stand
Food Plots
Most food plots are not tolerant of water. Water running across them due to a high rain is ok but if ground stays really wet plot will not do good. Find u another site that is higher and dry. If u have briars, u have high ground, thats where your plot needs to be. What you need to do is create a travel pattern from the bed to the feed then hunt them lightly on their travel routes, thats hunting. If u just throw feed and try to hunt over it u probably won't see much and u surely won't enjoy the hunt. Good luck.
thanksthanks bigjim
the brairs are where the plot is goin to be so hunt the trails into the plot, and not the plot itself, got ya, we didn't really hunt all day last year, mostly mornings and afternoons, this year will be an all day affair, the goal is for myself to hunt 45 days this season, that should at least give me a chance a several deer, a hog would be nice too

Anymore tips on how to hold deer on the land, and how not to make them nocturnal?
The best way to hold deer on your land is to cut down most of the trees and turn it into a big ole thicket. Obviously most people aren't going to do that. But hey, you asked.

As far as keeping them non-nocturnal. Good luck. Best you can do is minimize your interactions with the deer.
Holding deer
There's absolutely nothing wrong with hunting food plot. I would hunt plot now and then in evenings when wind is correct and you have the ability to sneak in and out undetected. How many acres are u hunting. Hunting 45 days on a small place will make them nocturnal. If a deer winds you once or twice they will pattern u and adjust there schedule which means nocturnal or avoid the area altogether. I often tell people the best way to kill deer is hunt less. What I mean by that is get in property a couple times way before season and get all work done. Set up minerals and feeders then stay off property. Only go directly to feeders to check them at midday every 3 or 4 weeks to make sure they are working. The less scent and encounters you have the more tame the deer will be. Place a quality camera on feeders a couple weeks prior to season using midday to access camera to avoid encounters. Then hunt a few times when conditions are correct, mainly wind and your access won't jeopardize bumping deer. All my stands we're completed in February other than fall planting of food plots and food plot maintenance. When I sneak into a stand with correct conditions this fall it's almost a guarantee I will have multiple encounters with game, I see game at least 90% of hunts. My property is marginal land and 90% pine plantation and just a fair deer population. The first time you hunt a place that has the sign and wind conditions are correct and no one has trampled through there is usually golden.
like the old saying you learn something everyday, its true, thanks guys keep it coming, I will be posting pics, video, and updates as often, and complete as possible

thanks again
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