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Site Updates

We have started to make some updates to the front page of the site as well as technical updates behind the scenes to improve page speeds etc. We have also changed some guidelines on types of ads we accept and eliminated some from the site.

One of our biggest priorities has been making our content easier to navigate on phone/tablet and easier to find. We hope this first step has helped.

Please let us know if you are having any problems with pages not loading etc. Feedback always appreciated. This is a very small portion of some big updates but your user experience is our top priority.

Jon Miller
Additional Updates
We have made further updates to the Louisiana Sportsman homepage, feedback appreciated!

We will be rolling out a new version of Boats Bikes and RV's soon and once that is complete you will start to see bigger changes here on the Sportsman sites.

Jon Miller
thank you
thanks for your efforts

I sometimes feel like there is a guy in the back room turning a hand crank to get pages to load.

its not uncommon to time out on the site without ever getting a page to load at times so I hope you can fix that issue and not just make it a ''little'' better.

while im giving feedback please fix the font system where every quote symbol must be double typed in order to show properly, whats up with that?

as an example here is a 'quote' and a double typed ''quote''