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Need help with Lowrand Elite 4 DSI

i bought a lowrance Elite 4 DSI and was really excited about getting it on the water. but i am having some issue with the GPS portion of it. when i am in a major waterway it shows me on land. so i did a little reseach and it keeps pointing me into the direction of purchasing a card that has maps on it. do i really need to do this or is it a settings issue? would really like some feed back on it. not really wating to see all the charts and stuff. just wanted it to show a genral map with major canals and lakes. can any one give me some adive on this?
You are looking at the BASE MAP for the unit.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ BORN2HUNT ~

Unfortunately to avoid sticker price shock, many manufacturers only provide a BASEMAP in their units. These maps allow the user to use the unit as is, but they do not offer a lot of detail on the displayed map. Base maps typically show only major bodies of water, major roads and cities. Small towns, many bayous, canals, lagoons, bays, and small lakes are not shown on the map.

Naturally, if you want to have your position shown on a competent map of the area where you are traveling, you will have to purchase an additional accessory mapping program.

Lowrance offers their INSIGHT and INSIGHT HD mapping programs for $99.00 and $149.99.

In addition, there are several Navionics mapping programs that will work in the unit.

Check out the Lowrance web site at to get a better understanding of the available mapping for your unit.

Captain Paul